Home Alone (TV & film tie-ins)

Home Alone (TV & film tie-ins)

By Todd Strasser

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Macaulay Culkin, star of "My Girl", is back in the novelization of a new "Home Alone" film.
Publisher: Scholastic Hippo
ISBN-13: 9780590550666
ISBN-10: 0590550667
Published on 11/1/1992
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 144

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it is about a kid that is home alone cuzz the people left

This is one of the movies that my family and I watch every Christmas!

I loved the movie and I feel like this book should be shared to kids that love laughter and fun!

Because it can give u info because this can happen to u one day😝 ths is why I want to read it thxs 🙈🙈