By Louis Sachar

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Book 1 of 3 in the  Holes Series
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Grades 4 - 8 Grades 3 - 8 V 4.6 47079

Stanley Yelnats is sentenced to dig holes at Camp Green Lake detention centre for stealing a pair of trainers. Stanley's quest to discover what he is digging for leads to danger and adventure and to a confrontation with his family's past.

Publisher: Collins Educational
ISBN-13: 9780007114511
ISBN-10: 0007114516
Published on 3/20/2001
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 240

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I absolutely love this book! This is my favorite book right now because its full of interesting back stories and the caractars are so mysterious and inspiring! For example, Zero can't read or write and he sounds like someone who would end up in prison but when Stanley got to know him and eventually taught him how to read you could really see the good side to him so Zero is my favorite charactar! In the story it has some very interesting links like how around the middle we find that they aren't digging to make the boys better people but they are digging for lost treasure in the desert! It's an amazing book and I recommend it to age 8+ It's very inspiring and has some very good lessons like never judge a book by its cover! 😁😊😀

It's an amazing book! For me Zero is my favourite character because he is always misunderstood and when he has had enough of digging he gathers up courage and leaves Camp Greenlake. All of the boys in this story have a sad backstory but despite all this they carry on serving their time here. Stanley is also a very inspirational character because when Zero leaves the camp without food or water he goes after him and this shows what a great friend Stanley is even though he is in the camp because of Zero he never gives up on him because he is Zeros only friend! I highly recommend this book! If u decide to read it, u will definitely enjoy it! 😁😁😁

Awesome book, love the movie, and it's a great story. This is probably my favorite book ever because of the theme and I liked the part when he found that crate! I think you should consider reading this book!!!!

What i think!hmm🤔for me I love this book,not just because it is good,I love the friendship that zero and Stanley have.it reminds me of my old friend,she didn't have parents and she was living with her aunt,we wouldn't do anything without each other,we were always there for each other,don't ever lose a friend like her. Five stars!! definitely think you should read it

One day in Texas a boy named Stanley Yelnats was said to have stolen a pair of shoes which belong to Clyde Livingston. (the truth is that he did not stole them, he just found them) And as a result has been sent to Camp Green Lake, a camp just for young boys who have done crimes. Camp green lake isn't just any lake, it's a dry waste land filled with holes that are five feet wide and five feet deep. The boys had to dig a hole every day even in the hot sun. This book is very good and tells you kindness can solve everything! ~ Victoria

I found this book boring and slow. I would not recommend it :(

Wow, this book is so so good, that I read this over 10 times!

I love the book holes

I love this book! Holes is such a good book! A boy named Stanley Yelnats (his last name is “Stanley” spelled backwards) is sent to Camp Green Lake, which is basically the complete opposite from its name. Every day, Stanley would go digging because the Warden wanted all the boys to “build character.” If anyone found something interesting while digging, they would give it to the Warden and get a day off from digging the next day. When one of Stanley’s friends find something, the Warden tells everyone to move to the location Stanley’s friend found it. Could the Warden be making the boys dig for something for a reason? This book is really interesting, and I recommend watching the movie too! ❤️❤️❤️

I would recommend this book to people ages 9-12.

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