Ham Helsing #2: Monster Hunter

Ham Helsing #2: Monster Hunter

By Moyer, Rich

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The uproarious next installment of the Ham Helsing graphic novel series sees Ham and his crew back to fight monsters at mysterious Camp Fish Head Lake!

After an invitation to “peaceful” Camp Fish Head Lake, Ham and his buddies arrive expecting to be guests of honor. But there are no staff to be seen, and with kids (and their overprotective parents) arriving, they decide to just go with the flow. How hard can it be to keep a few kids out of trouble?
But the camp turns out to be not so monster-free–and definitely not the kind of lake you want to go fishing in! Ham and his friends have their hands full as campers start to go missing and will have to work together and trust each other to figure out what’s going on–especially when old foes return.

Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 9780593308950
ISBN-10: 0593308956
Published on 6/7/2022
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 240

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This is a really cute series with entertaining graphics and with good messages about friendship and about choosing to do the right thing even if it's not what other people say is "your destiny". Ultimately, each individual is in charge of figuring out what his or her own destiny is. In this one, Ham Helsing and his crew end up at a summer camp where the counselors have disappeared and a monster lurks in the waters. I am not normally a graphics novel reader, so there were moments when I just wasn't quite sure what was happening in the story and it felt kind of jumpy/frenetic to me because it seemed that a panel came out of nowhere. Those who regularly read graphic novels may not have that same experience. That said, I enjoyed the story and the graphics and I think Ham Helsing is the cutest. I'm so glad this story came across my radar, which motivated me to find and read the first book before reading this one. While one could technically read these out of order, it helps to know who the characters are, so I'd say read it in the right order to get the full effect.