Gertie's Leap to Greatness

Gertie's Leap to Greatness

By Kate Beasley

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"Meet the new Ramona Quimby!" -- Entertainment Weekly

Gertie Reece Foy is 100% Not-From-Concentrate awesome. She has a daddy who works on an oil rig, a great-aunt who always finds the lowest prices at the Piggly Wiggly, and two loyal best friends. So when her absent mother decides to move away from their small town, Gertie sets out on her greatest mission yet: becoming the best fifth grader in the universe to show her mother exactly what she'll be leaving behind. There's just one problem: Seat-stealing new girl Mary Sue Spivey wants to be the best fifth grader, too. And there is simply not enough room at the top for the two of them.

From debut author Kate Beasley, and with illustrations by Caldecott Honor artist Jillian Tamaki, comes a classic tale of hope and homecoming that will empty your heart, then fill it back up again--one laugh at a time.

Publisher: Square Fish
ISBN-13: 9781250143747
ISBN-10: 1250143748
Published on 4/3/2018
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 256

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This author is one of my favorite authors Kate Beasley and I really just love this book!! I have read this book multiple times and each time I saw something new in this book!!! This is one of the first books that my friends have recommended to me and that's how I really became to like then love this book!!

Gertie's Leap to Greatness is full of greatness leaps and it's really fun to read. I really like the book Gertie's Leap to Greatness its super fun.

I would not suggest Gertie's Leap to Greatness when I checked this book out from the library I thought it would be a fun journey but I really didn't enjoy it I would rather read different books. One other thing I disliked was how the illustrations made Gertie look like she was really young when she was supposed to be in 5th grade.

Gertie has a goal. She is going to be the best 5th grader. Her reason for her goal? So that her estranged mother(who is moving away and getting married), will realize that Gertie doesn't need her. But someone else has the same goal. Enter new girl, Mary Sue Spivey, who just moved from California while her dad is filming a movie here. All of a sudden she is the most popular girl in school. She knows the most famous child actresses in the country, she knows all the answers in class, she's the teachers favorite. In Gertie's mind, she is just plain evil. So now Gertie must come up with a new plan. How can she become the best fifth grader ever? How can she become the smartest, the funniest, the most popular? And how can she do it while keeping her friends? I think this book was an interesting view on not-so-average families. Gertie's mom left them when Gertie was very little, but she lives just across town. Now Gertie's Great-Aunt Rae stays with her and her father and takes care of them. And Gertie's father works on an oil rig, so he is gone for two weeks and then home for two weeks. At the beginning of the book Gertie is very self-involved. However, as the book goes on there is character development, and she is a better person at the end. I recommend this to elementary students who like realistic fiction. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

This book was not good. It was about a girl named Gertie who thinks she can be the best 5th grader in the whole universe (0% possible). Even if this book was written differently it would still not be good. I didn't like ANY part of this book at all. I would not recommend this at all.

This book is about a girl who is trying to be the best fifth grader in the world. I thought I would like this book but it was just really boring. I didn't care about what Gertie was doing and I did not enjoy her story. I would not recommend this book.

Gertie is on a mission, and Gertie Always completes her missions. She is going to be the greatest fifth grader in the world. But there's only one ( okay, many ) problem with that plan. And that problems name is Mary Sue Spivey, Mary Sue Spivey whats to be the greatest fifth grader ever to. Gertie has some how find out some way still complete her mission.

Gertie is in 5th grade and she lives in a small town. Her father works at an oil rig and her mother just moved away from their small town. Gertie is always on at least one mission and she never fails. Gertie decides on a new mission to show her mother what she's missing. Gertie even says, "She, Gertie Reece Foy, was going to be the greatest fifth grader in the whole school, world, and universe! And that was just Phase One." There's one problem though, the new girl, Mary Sue Spivey also wants to be the best fifth-grader as well. This book is really entertaining and I recommend it to anyone who loves to read.

I actually won this book last summer, and it was incredible! It was extremely lighthearted and fun, while reminding me of my childhood! I suggest this book to any young reader.

Really interesting, but also the main character can be a little bit rude at some parts and the book can be a little bit sad at some parts. The book is also really funny at some parts.

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