Game On! (Star Striker)

Game On! (Star Striker)

By Amato, Mary

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Cut from the soccer team, Albert's dreams of playing soccer are over. . . on Earth that is! Join in as he and the aliens Zeenods dribble, cross, and score in this interstellar adventure.

The day that aliens abducted 13-year-old Albert Kinney was the day he was hoping to make the school soccer team. Like the rest of Earth, he'd never heard of the Fŭigor Solar System; he didn't know the ten planets in the system even existed. That afternoon Albert only cared about making the team. That's the way life works sometimes, especially for Albert.

Astonishingly the Zeenods, don't want to harm Albert, they want him to play. . .soccer! And so, Albert jumps at the chance to join the Zeenods. Yet just as he is introduced to the specifics of their game and all their high-tech gear, he faces a series of direct threats to his life. Does someone have a mysterious vendetta against Albert? Or does their first opponent, the ruthless team from Planet Tev, want to guarantee that they win?

Action-packed, yet filled with humor and heart, Star Striker is the first book in an action-packed series that features thrilling play-by-play soccer scenes and an intergalactic plot with far-reaching consequences for the Zeenods--and Earth.

Publisher: Holiday House
ISBN-13: 9780823449118
ISBN-10: 0823449114
Published on 9/7/2021
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 352

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This book is about soccer, space and aliens. Albert really wants to get on the soccer team. But when he end up getting abducted by aliens, he realizes that he is going to need to play... against other creatures! I recommend this book to people who like soccer or aliens.

Have you ever really really wanted to do something well? The day he was abducted by aliens called Zeenods, Albert needs to get into the 7th grade soccer team. When he fails, Albert feels sad, until the Zeenods inform him that he is going to play soccer with them against other aliens from the Fuigor Solar System. The more he learns about the Zeenods, and their first opponents, the aliens from planet Tev, the more he wants to win, , and the more anxious he is. But someone is trying to kill him. Who could do this? And will they succeed? I thought the plot was great, but sometimes the writing didn't sound enough. I recommend Star Striker to anyone who likes space stories and sports.