Freedom Stone

Freedom Stone

By Jeffrey Kluger

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Grades 4 - 8 Grades 10 - 9 n/a 5.9 72503
Lillie's papa believed in freedom-for him, his family, and all the slaves on the Greenfog plantation. So when the Confederate Army promised freedom to the family of every slave who served in the Civil War-whether they came home or not-Lillie's papa decided he had to take the chance.

But when Lillie's family got the news that her papa was killed, they weren't freed. The army claimed that Lillie's papa was a thief. Lillie knew that couldn't be true! Even worse, the master started making plans to sell off Lillie's little brother, Plato. With the help of an old slave, Bett, who bakes bread that bends time, Lillie travels to the battle during which her father died to find out the true story. Using a little magic of her own, Lillie rights a few wrongs and buys her family their freedom. This is a beautiful tale filled with magic and hope and love.
Publisher: Philomel Books
ISBN-13: 9780399252143
ISBN-10: 0399252142
Published on 1/6/2011
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 320

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showgirl showgirl

cool& Interesting 😍😍😍

I really want to read this book. It seems like it adds a different perspective of life when others were slaves. This is not rating on how the book was because I haven't read it. But I really want to read it.

Really good book

Lillie has lived as a slave with her mama and papa and her younger brother Plato, at Greenfog Plantation her whole life. When the Confederate Army promised freedom for the family of any slave who serves in the War Between the States, Lillie's papa decides to serve in the army to give him and his family freedom. But Lillie and her family receives news that papa had been killed in the war, they aren't freed. The Confederate Army claims that he was a thief and stole a pouch of Yankee gold, so they broke the promise. Lillie knew that her papa wouldn't steal anything. Could she prove that her papa is innocent and free her mama and Plato? I really liked the story and Lillie's determination to help prove that her father is not a thief. I would recommend this book for anyone who wants to read about what life was like to a slave.