By Hans Bauer , Catherine Masciola

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What might have been an ordinary fishing trip becomes an unforgettable adventure when twelve-year-old Sawyer Brown pursues a legendary giant catfish and a stolen ring that may hold the key to his mother’s life.

Sawyer’s family runs a catfish farm in rural Mississippi. When his widowed mom gets sick after a pond “cat” swallows her wedding ring, Sawyer is sure the missing ring is to blame. Strange clues and a local myth convince him that the pond cat has become a meal for a far more challenging catch. He sets out with two friends and his stowaway little sister to solve the secret of the ring.

Journeying deep into a remote bayou, the foursome must rely on their wits and each other to navigate the teeming swamp, outsmart a sneaky poacher, and overcome their differences in pursuit of a colossal catfish. But this is no ordinary fish. This is Ol’ One Eye—the biggest, oldest, smartest, and meanest darn cat that ever swam the Yazoo River! And before long, the adventurers aren’t sure who is chasing who.

This is a fish tale that readers won’t want to miss.

Publisher: Two Lions
ISBN-13: 9781477810958
ISBN-10: 1477810951
Published on 6/3/2014
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 208

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When a monster catfish from the family's farm eats his mother's wedding ring, Sawyer pursues the beast to make his mother better again. Chasing the fish trough the swamp was a great adventure to read.

Fishtale is about this boy and girls mother who owns a catfish farm and one day while the mother was helping get catfish, old "one eye" took her ring and bit her! So they go with their friends on an amazing journey to find all the shiny things old one eye had taken,.

This book is great. First of all I recommend this book to people who like adventure and shivers crawling up their back. This book is about a boy named Sawyer Brown and he goes on a fishing trip. Then he finds his mother's wedding ring. A wedding ring that might give his mother some help, ever since she was a widow, she lost that ring and became sick. Follow Sawyer through this crazy, fun, and mysterious adventure.

This book sounds really interesting and I think it would be an adventurous tale. I also really like the cover and the plot sounds both unique and like something I would enjoy.

this bok was so awesome it is very very interesting the chacters are great. this book was amazing and jept me interested the entire time.

this book was a great book. it was very interesting and kept me reading i love everything about it