Emma: Lights! Camera! Cupcakes! (Cupcake Diaries Book 19)

Emma: Lights! Camera! Cupcakes! (Cupcake Diaries Book 19)

By Coco Simon

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Book 19 of 30 in the  Cupcake Diaries Series
Emma has a supersweet, superstar secret—but can she keep it from the Cupcake Club?

Hollywood star Romaine Ford is back in town, and she needs cupcakes for her movie premiere...and her wedding! But everything is top-secret. Emma is asked to make the cupcakes, but she can’t tell the rest of the club who they are for! Romaine doesn’t want any paparazzi to ruin her wedding, and she feels the less people who know, the better. Can Emma fulfill this order without spilling the secret to her best friends?
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
Published on 4/15/2014
Binding: Kindle Edition
Number of pages: 160

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If anyone asked the Cupcake Club, "Who is the girly-girl of the group?", they'd all point towards Emma Taylor. And she'd be thrilled! Emma loves dressing up and has a very romantic fashion style. So when Romaine Ford, beautiful Emmy-awarding superstar, asks Emma to model for her, Emma nearly faints. Romaine enjoys Emma's company so much and her modeling abilities, as well as her entrepreneurial approach, that she asks Emma to bake the cupcakes for her wedding to handsome co-star Liam Carey. Emma is on top of the world at first before realizing she must bake dozens of cupcakes for a superstar without telling any of her friends. The pressure is on! A fun and entertaining book capturing the Hollywood glitz and glamor, all readers will love riding the wave of Emma's journey.

This is a book in the cupcake diaries written by Coco Simon. In this book Emma meets a famous actress, Romaine, and is asked to model for her! Emma and Romaine start to become friends, and Romaine tells Emma a secret! She's about to get marries! Can Emma keep the secret? Read the book to find out!

I've only read about 3 books out of this series,but I think it's a really cute,fun,interesting series.In the books I noticed each book has one of the girls from the club as a main character.This one was mainly about Emma who models.She meets as famous person while modeling and the girls in the club want to know all about it.Emma can't tell them everything for special reasons.But Emma is really sad about not being able to tell her best friends.With best friends you tell them everything (well not everything) ,and not being able to tell your best friends something is really hard.In my opinion the book was really cool and if I get my hands on another cupcake diaries I'm going to read it all the way through.

It wasn't that great. This title was misleading cause it ain't have cupcakes when the tite said Emma Lights Cameras Cupcake (Cupcake Diaries).But it had a little of cupcake things.

Emma is ready to take the weekly order to the special day and were some dresses for Mona. Emma comes with her hair curled.then Mona has an idea.she calls Emma's parents to ask if she could run an add in the newspaper.then Emma is asked to do more modelling while doing her second job she gets given a card for an agent !!! READ TO FIND OUT EMMA TAYLOR'S MODELLING EXPERIENCE

The Cupcake Diaries series is amazing! The book Emma: Lights! Camera! Cupcakes! is one of my favorites in the series. A great book for girls.

I wonder why they call the series cupcake diaries. I just love cupcake so I might like it. Why is the title lights, camera, cupcake.


This was a fun easy light read. Not one of my favorite, but okay. It's about a girl named Emma and she and her friends have a cupcake club. When Emma was modeling she met this actress/model named Romaine, and Romaine was premiering her movie. And now everyone is crazy about her and wants to gossip, gossip, gossip!!! So now Emma is a bit uneasy. She has a big secret, but she can't tell her friends which drives her crazy, since she is usually telling her secrets to her best friends. Uh oh!! This book was a light read, but slow pacing.

This series just keeps getting better and better. This series has remained dear to my heart because the girls are continually growing up and facing new challenges together. In this installment, Cupcaker Emma will have to keep a secret so earth shattering, it will almost make her burst into a million pieces. She has been asked to make cupcakes for a super secret wedding of a Hollywood star. The sad thing is, she has to keep the secret from her fellow Cupcakers: Katie, Alex, and Mia.

This book is fantastic! I love this series! But this book is my favorite! I loved the characters! I highly recommend this book! I loved it!

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