Emma Dilemma, the Nanny, and the Wedding (Emma Dilemma series)

Emma Dilemma, the Nanny, and the Wedding (Emma Dilemma series)

By Patricia Hermes

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Book 7 of 7 in the  Emma Dilemma Series
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Annie is the very best nanny in the whole world, and it’s been that way forever. But when Annie announces she’s getting married, Emma panics. What will Emma do if Annie moves out? She won’t be able to see her favorite nanny in the evenings anymore or visit her in the apartment upstairs. Then Emma’s mother announces another change. She’s pregnant! There are too many changes going on in Emma’s life at once! The house is in an uproar with all the wedding planning, preparations for extra guests (Annie’s five sisters and mother will be arriving from Ireland), and with Mom not feeling well. Somehow, Emma - and her brothers and sisters, too -manages to triumph over all these dilemmas, and discovers that although changes can be hard, they can be exciting, too
Publisher: Two Lions
ISBN-13: 9780761462101
ISBN-10: 0761462104
Published on 10/2/2012
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 144

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Oh no, your nanny's going to get married and move out of the house!! Better yet, she's the best nanny anyone could possibly have!! Get her back into your house and find the answer to this problem and quick!

Emma Dilemma is a great book . Emma's nanny Annie was getting married and Emma and Tim Emma's brother was scared Annie was going to move away but she didn't so Emma and Tim were glad and One day Emma wanted to turn her Closet into a storm Closet and bay that I mean she painted her closet bay her self that night marmaduke her ferret and wolf were asleep with her and in the morning Emma saw marmaduke and he was sick so they took him to the vet and the vet said that Marmaduke had to stay over night and to bring woof in and she did then the next day they got marmaduke and they went home and Annie's sisters and mom and dad came and they had the wedding at Emma's house the and Emma got in to Big Trouble for Painting her walls the End

Emma has a really awesome nanny named Annie. Then Annie declares that she is going to get married. When Emma finds out that her nanny is getting married she starts to panic.