Dragonslayer (Wings of Fire: Legends)

Dragonslayer (Wings of Fire: Legends)

By Tui T. Sutherland

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This special edition of the #1 New York Times bestselling Wings of Fire series soars back in time to give readers a glimpse of Pyrrhia through new eyes.
For decades dragons have wondered how three small scavengers managed to kill Queen Oasis. Until now.

Travel back to before the War of SandWing Succession, and experience Pyrrhia as we've never seen it before -- through the eyes of humans.
Publisher: Scholastic Press
ISBN-13: 9781338214604
ISBN-10: 1338214608
Published on 3/3/2020
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 512

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This book is the best book I've ever read in the Wings of Fire series! I I like how there are 3 main POVs (point-of-views) because it makes the story more interesting. Overall, it's a great book and I highly suggest reading it if you are into fantasy but not fairy-tale type books.

great book over all one of the best books i have read. If you liked it i would suggest wings of fire the hive queen

This the second book in the Wings of Fire Legends series, and an amazing book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Wings of Fire. Warning, it does contain a few spoilers for the first five books, mostly about the end of the fifth book, so if you have not finished those books, you should read them before you read this book. While all of the other Wings of Fire books are told from the dragons' point of view, this one is told by three humans, called scavengers by the dragons, named Wren, Leaf, and Ivy. The beginning is about how the war started 18 years before the main series. It tells the story of how the Dragonslayer killed the SandWing queen Oasis. Then the story shifts ahead about 18 years to Wren. The people in the town of Talisman are almost completely controlled by people called the Dragonmancers, who think that she is too smart and curious, and out of fear that she would discover their secrets, decide to get rid of her by feeding her to the dragons. They often did this, telling the people of the village that it was a required sacrifice to keep the dragons happy, so they wouldn't kill them all. This makes her brother Leaf furious. Thinking that she is dead, he vows to be the next dragonslayer to avenge Wren, and also becomes a dragonmancer so he can find out what is happening. He knows the dragonmancers are lying, he just doesn't know the truth. Wren escapes, however, and meets a tiny, pale sky dragon named Sky. At first she doesn't trust him, why should she trust a dragon. But the two realize they have one thing in common, they are both outcasts from their family. The two teach each other their languages, and learn to survive together. Everyone has always thought dragons were mindless monsters, but Wren begins to think otherwise. She has already met one who is caring and playful. She and Sky decided to search for the truth together, but no one said it would be easy. Leaf is beginning to learn more about the dragonmancers, and it becomes obvious that they are trying to protect their secrets, not the people. Ivy, the daughter of the dragonslayer, along with many other people in their underground town, wonder how her father could have killed a dragon queen. He was in terrible shape. This didn't really matter, however, because he could prove it. He had the stinger of the dragon he had killed in a display case, and was very proud of it. Because he had killed a dragon, he was the lord of the town. Ivy and her friends thought something was off, especially that nobody was allowed to leave the tunnels if they wanted to. They knew the Dragonslayer was hiding something, so they went and explored outside the tunnel. None of them had ever seen the outdoors, and to them, it was breathtaking. Leaf, his sister, and her friends, had gone to the sky dragon kingdom, so that Leaf could kill a dragon. The dragons capture them, though, and they try very hard to get out. But when they are rescued by a dragon, they begin to think that they have been told another lie their entire lives. When the three kids meet each other, they go to the desert, find the truth about dragons, and even stop a dragon war that the Dragonslayer, who had been looked up to as a hero for the past 18 years, started. All in all, I think this is an amazing book, and I highly recommend it.

This book is so good. Tui T Sutherland did an amazing job on telling the futur of wings of fire wren loves dragons, while all the people in her villiage hate dragons. i reccomend this fo ages 10+ very good book

If you are a dragon lover or a dragon liker you should get this book.

So Cool! It shows some secrets from before in the chapter!

Marsha Marsha

I love this book

Pearl Pearl

I love this book so much.

I loved this second Wings of Fire Legends book and I hope you guys do too! Told in the perspectives of three different characters, it's sure to bring you waiting in anticipation for every single plot twist. Wren is brought to be killed by dragons. The people of Talisman think she is too smart for her own good, and they don't want their secrets being exposed, so they decide to sacrifice her to the dragons. No one stands up for her, so when she escapes from her thought to be fate, she befriends a tiny dragon she named Sky and vows never to trust a human again. She goes on an adventure to see the rest of the world and find out the truth about dragons, all wile learning how to speak it in the process and everyone thinking she is dead. Leaf is her favorite sibling, and only brother. When he first finds out about his sister's death, he becomes outraged at everyone for letting it happen, and at the dragons for killing her, so with his sister Rowan's help, he trains to be the next Dragonslayer, and get revenge on the dragons who killed his favorite sister. Ivy is the current Dragonslayer's daughter. She should be proud, but she knows her dad is hiding something. She and her new friends decide to figure out everything the Lord is hiding, so they become Wingwatchers to get information on dragons, only her dad begins to suspect something is up. He believes he is about to be murdered, so he does things that no one should be able to do: He banishes anyone who comes close to finding his secrets. No one knows this, and now it's up to Ivy and her friends to bring the truth to the world. Together, the three characters have one thing in common: Their quest will bring out the truth of the Dragonslayer, and it may be one that is surprising to all in the world. When they meet, will they be able to get the truth, and be able to live to tell it? I loved this book and rate it five stars for the action and adventure and humor that took place to make this book successful!

This book is one of the longest wings of fire books and its good.

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