Dolphin Tale: A Tale of True Friendship

Dolphin Tale: A Tale of True Friendship

By Emma Ryan

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Based on the heartwarming 3-D movie premiering September 16, 2011!

When a dolphin named Winter loses her tail in a crab trap, it’s up to a young boy named Sawyer and the staff at Clearwater Marine Aquarium to help her survive against the odds. Sawyer is quiet at first, but his special connection with Winter soon brings him out of his shell. One day, after visiting his cousin at an army hospital, Sawyer gets an idea to have a doctor there make Winter a prosthetic tail. This proposal inspires the staff at the aquarium and fills Sawyer with the hope that Winter may one day swim again.
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN-13: 9780545348416
ISBN-10: 0545348412
Published on 8/1/2011
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 32

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Dolphins, unusual Friends, what more could I ask for possibly?

It made me emotional a little bit but it was a great story of a Dolphin Tale

I love this book, even though it was really short.

shouty46 shouty46

i love the book and the movie i read it 30 times and watched it 100 times


this book is good so far I but I would give it 5 stars

Dolphin Tale is a really good book and if you hear people talk about it listen. It is fantastic! Be careful when you read the book. You might get alittle sad because Winter lost her tail but a doctor made a special tail just for Winter and now she is living peacfully in florida!

I started this book and them I was crazy glued to it. It was based on the movie dolphin tale. It is about a boy sawyer who is the only one who can get the dolphin winter who has a broken tale because it got stuck in a crabs trap to eat. Sawyer saved her by being the first one to find her and then he called animal rescue hospital. And then at the hospital they made like 10 prosthetic tale but winter didn't like any of them. finally at the see winter festival they made her the right tale!!! winter is actually a real dolphin living Florida. You can get an account at To find out more about this book read it and find out. I highly recommend you to read this book. It appears that it suits both boys and girls. you can buy it at chapters or scholastic.

it was a ok book to m but i got an 100% on the test

I really want to read this!:)

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