Dog Gone! (Good Crooks)

Dog Gone! (Good Crooks)

By Mary Amato

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When their parents steal a Hollywood star (a white poodle) to hold it for ransom, our young heroes leap into action. Too bad the spoiled star will not raise a paw to help. Barks and howls will be the result of anyone reading Book Two of Good Crooks.

Author Mary Amato is a star of state master and children's choice lists and returns to the age category of her popular Riot Brothers chapter book series with this funny, silly new series.

Publisher: Darby Creek TM
ISBN-13: 9781606845103
ISBN-10: 1606845101
Published on 2/25/2014
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 128

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The book I am reading in silent sustained reading is a book called Good crooks. My favorite part about this book are the characters and the setting. The descriptions of the setting in the book paint very vivid pictures in my head. The story follows two twins named Billy and Jillian who’s parents are crooks who like to steal things instead of buying things. When Jillian finds a poster telling her to buy a dog or buy dog medicine, the craziness starts when Jillian starts a stand to raise money by selling cupcakes. When their parents find the poster, they say to steal dogs. But when they steal the pretty poodle named Poochie, they do everything to get the dog back to her owner. I would overall rate this book 4.5 stars. This book was good for its setting and the characters.