Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior: Crafting Alliances (Book 3 8-Bit Warrior series): An Unofficial Minecraft Adventure

Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior: Crafting Alliances (Book 3 8-Bit Warrior series): An Unofficial Minecraft Adventure

By Cube Kid

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Minecraft meets Diary of a Wimpy Kid in book 3 of the very popular 8-Bit Warrior series of the journal of a young Minecraft villager who dares to dream of becoming a Minecraft warrior!


Competition stiffens in book three of the 8-Bit Diary series, as Runt’s training is intensifying! After the recent mob attacks, the entire village decides to prepare for the next offensive. Fortifying the defenses, tracking down a spy, searching for new alliances . . .
But Herobrine isn’t having any of it . . .
Can Runt increase his efforts to be one of the five best students in school and finally become the warrior of his dreams? With the help of his friends—Breeze, Max, Emerald, and Stump—Runt will face a peril greater than anything he has ever known.

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781449488031
ISBN-10: 144948803X
Published on 5/30/2017
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 256

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this amazing book of cube kid is an extordanary , exciting, fun adventure and where he become a village hero and warrior.

I love, love, love this series!!! :D :D In this book, Runt and his friends discover that the stories about the village creeper was true. One day, while Runt and his best friend Stump was chopping wood as a chore, they found a hole in the ground with a ladder leading down into dark tunnels. They captured the creeper spy by scaring him with cats and handed the creeper over for questioning.

i have not read it yet but 1 and 2 were awsome so i expect good things

It seems these book are going down in stars but up in good story because these books have a great story and characters and of course humor and mystery.3 stars

crazygamer crazygamer

It is about a villager wanting to become a warrior but that gonna be hard because come on they are villagers and plus runt the main character is basically the source of crazy, so if you want some crazy, funny, adventures I would suggest this amazing series!! :) PS: make sure to read one and two first!! :)

crazygamer crazygamer

It is very good I love it and probably anybody who reads it will. :)

Ok well I do not play Mincraft on X box anymore. But this book is pretty cool fun and interesting. It is about battles courage and just the characters life. I deffinently recommend this book!