Danni the Drum Fairy: Book 4: The Music Fairies (Rainbow Magic: The Music Fairies)

Danni the Drum Fairy: Book 4: The Music Fairies (Rainbow Magic: The Music Fairies)

By Daisy Meadows

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n/a Grade 5 n/a 4.7 4295
The Music Fairies desperately need Rachel's and Kirsty's help! Jack Frost and his naughty goblins have stolen the fairies' Magical Musical Instruments, which means that music is being ruined for everyone! Jack Frost plans to use the instruments to help him win a national talent competition in the human world, and with the help of the enchanted instruments, he's bound to win. If this happens, humans will find out about Fairyland and then all the fairies will be in danger! Rachel and Kirsty must help Danni to find her Magic drum kit. But how will they find it AND get it back from Jack Frost and his sneaky goblins...?
Publisher: Orchard Books
ISBN-13: 9781408300282
ISBN-10: 1408300281
Published on 9/4/2008
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 80

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Jack frost has once again stolen all the magical instruments! All of the instruments are important but, one which is the drum is really important in this specific show! Now they have a big problem on there hands! Rachel and Kristy see a mean looking goblin playing the drum rather than a fairy! Can the friends track this down and get everything back to normal? Read this book to find out!

This book was really nice. Danni has a magic drum set. Whenever she plays it, enchanting music comes out. But, Jack Frost wants the drums for his band! So, he sends his goblins out to steal them from Danni. Without the drums, no drum music in fairyland or the human world sounds beautiful! Rachel and Kirsty help Danni to get the drums back when Jack Frost hides them. After battling the goblins, they finally get them back! Danni is so happy! Rachel and Kirsty are honored to help. It was another well job done for Rachel and Kirsty and the fairies in fairyland!

I read this book and I read almost the whole series. This series tells us about so many different fairies and their powers. I will do a review on every one I read.