Closed for the Season

Closed for the Season

By Mary Downing Hahn

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Grades 4 - 8 Grades 3 - 5 n/a 4.4 43034

A contemporary thriller by the bestselling author of The Old Willis Place.

Two 13-year-old boys, Arthur and Logan, set out to solve the mystery of a murder that took place some years ago in the old house Logan's family has just moved into. The boys' quest takes them to the highest and lowest levels of society in their small Maryland town, and eventually to a derelict amusement park that is supposedly closed for the season.

Publisher: Sandpiper
Published on 9/6/2010
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 192

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I loved the scary scenes, the mystery, and the secrets, but the story was a little classic. They have discovered a haunted park and money was stolen and now people are chasing them heard before. Yet Mary Downing Hahn makes a heard story more detailed and exciting!

Ayla Ayla

i read it and its so good

I love reading her books because they are always so thrilling and they give goosebumps but not in a bad way. This book has so many great parts.

Laxboy57 Laxboy57

I read this in two years ago in fourth grade and I really liked this book.

This book has a lot of mystery in it but it was not suspenseful enough. Closed for the season is a good book but i would only reccomend it to people who don´t like suspense.

This book is a mystery and adventure book.This book This book is about two boys who were new at beings friends.One of them tell the other one about this amusement park that was abondoned. They went there to find out what it is like but it was not what they expected.They went there to find a killer but the killer is actually trying to get them.

I REALLY want to read it. but first I have to read WISH!!!!!!!!!!

This book was about a boy named Logan who moved into a lady's house. At the time didn't know a lady died their until his new friend Authur told him that she was murdered in the house. Logan learned about how she worked In the enchanted forest as a librarian. Most people believed that she was taking money from her job. I recommend this book to people who like mystery books. I read this book because I like to ready about mystery's.

I like this book because I like mystery's and this is a mystery story about a grandma that died in a house that a family just moved into. Some people said she died from falling down the stairs and some people thought it was a murder. They have neighbors that told stories about the grandma and how they use to go over their all the time. But, the neighbors thing that the house is haunted by the grandma's spirit. Are they safe? Will they find out about this whole theory of the grandma.

sounds good!!!!

Destinee Destinee

I love books

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