Candy Experiments 2

Candy Experiments 2

By Loralee Leavitt

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Seventy new science experiments in Candy Experiments 2 will have kids happily pouring their candy down the drain and learning some basic science along the way. This fun, colorful book presents a brilliant use of Valentine's, Easter, Halloween, and other holiday candy!

Following the success of the first Candy Experiments, this all-new collection presents more ways to destroy store-bought candy and learn some science in the process. Candy Experiments 2 delivers fun science facts from the perspective of a real mom in the kitchen doing crazy things with brand-name store-bought candy.

Marshmallows, cotton candy, Pixy Stix, Jawbreakers, Pop Rocks, gummi candy, chocolate, and even soda provide good excuses to get destructive in the kitchen. Do Peeps dissolve when you drop them into very hot water? Can you make gummi candy disappear in water? What happens to cotton candy when you dip it in oil?

Candy Experiments 2 is full of new ideas for learning science through candy.  Each experiment includes basic explanations of the relevant science. The book is written for children between the ages of 7 and 10, though older and younger ages will enjoy it as well.
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781449461034
ISBN-10: 1449461034
Published on 12/2/2014
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 160

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Do you want to do something fun with candy? Or do you just want to read this because do experiments are fun? Will in the book you can do stuff with gummy worms, cotton candy and more! Here are some thing you will learn and have fun with candy: Dissolve, Melt , Density! If you like this book please follow me and I will follow you!