Bridge to Terabithia

Bridge to Terabithia

By Katherine Paterson

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All summer, Jess pushed himself to be the fastest boy in the fifth grade, and when the year's first school-yard race was run, he was going to win.But his victory was stolen by a newcomer, by a girl, one who didn't even know enough to stay on the girls' side of the playground. Then, unexpectedly, Jess finds himself sticking up for Leslie, for the girl who breaks rules and wins races. The friendship between the two grows as Jess guides the city girl through the pitfalls of life in their small, rural town, and Leslie draws him into the world of imaginations world of magic and ceremony called Terabithia. Here, Leslie and Jess rule supreme among the oaks and evergreens, safe from the bullies and ridicule of the mundane world. Safe until an unforeseen tragedy forces Jess to reign in Terabithia alone, and both worlds are forever changed.

In this poignant, beautifully rendered novel, Katherine Paterson weaves a powerful story of friendship and courage.

Publisher: HarperCollins
Published on 10/6/2009
Binding: Kindle Edition
Number of pages: 208

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Jess Aarons only wanted to be the fastest boy at recess. Instead new, interesting people buy the house next-doors. And they have a daughter, Leslie, who is beautiful, and interesting, with a creative imagination. Jess, and Leslie soon become friends, and create their own land, which is just theirs, and only Leslie, and Jess can enter together. When Jess goes to school the next day, the music teacher takes him on a field trip, but when he comes back, nothing is ever the same. This book is perfect if you or somebody else is dealing with the harsh reality of death. I recommend this book to anyone.

it's amazing but very sad you guys should watch the movie I cried it was so sad

Especially the song that Avril Lavigne sings!

This book is one of my favourites, but y'all are right it is sad.

Its so good!!! At the end its a little sad. My favorite person dies.(*-*). Jess and Leslie create a magical world and have lots of fun. Plus friend drama. I really like reading it!!! defiantly recommend it

This book I read in afterschool was sad but very awesome book

This book is awesome but at the same time it is very very sad....

The end of this book is so sad but I don't understand why the parents blamed the girl she didn't do anything.

this is a really good book but also very sad

A feast of a book to read. Every page has beautiful descriptions. It will break your heart so get ready with the tissues!

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