By Judy Blume

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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 5T3.826941
Jill goes along with the rest of the fifth-grade class in tormenting a classmate and then finds out what it's like when she, too, becomes a target.
Publisher: Atheneum/Richard Jackson Books
ISBN-13: 9780027110104
ISBN-10: 0027110109
Published on 12/1/1982
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 160

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It crazy fun and It might change some people thinking

Elizabeth Elizabeth

This is a good book, all though it does say a couple of curses, I would recommend it for the fourth grade, which I am currently in

Nice Nice

It is a very interesting book it was a nice read

So i read this book because i and nothing else to read and it was super weird and confusing. The characters feelings were hard to really depict and i wouldnt recommend this unless you have nothing else to read.

The Reviewer The Reviewer

This book would be great for children who are becoming older and need to learn how it feels to be bullied wich Judy describes quite well though the consequences the children serve after the alults find out are very unrealistic. It is about a girl named Jill Brenner who bullies an obeice child in her class. This bullying turns very serious from calling her names to hurting her. But eventually Jill stands up for (this is very realistic) Linda (Blubber)and the bullies start targeting Jill. And Linda joins in! I think this is good because we get to see how it feels to bully someone and how it feels to be bullied. This book is good but not amazing. I'm going to say it is for ages 10 plus because it is very sad there is some swearing which was totally unnecessary.

Great book, Great humor, Great fun!!!! I highly roc mend this book, it's amazingly written, and amazingly funny!!!! Judy Blume is definitely going on my favorites list!!!

Awesomecupcake Awesomecupcake

The book was very good it was nice and inspiring,but i think judy should have an ending because when i finished the book i was like “it cant be like this!maybe the book missed a page”

This book was really good! It's soo... good. I really recomend this book for Judy Blume book lovers

It is mean but the main character learns a very valuable lesson. The main character is a follower until one day she stands up for someone and everything is different.

i decided to pick this book because my class had this more program and i read like 2 or more books and i got two books for free that we can keep

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