Bird: The Definitive Visual Guide

Bird: The Definitive Visual Guide

By BirdLife International, David Burnie, Ben Hoare

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Unrivaled in scope for a single-volume reference work, this visual guide to every bird order and family profiles more than 1,400 species, photographed in their native environment by photographers around the globe. Authoritative, comprehensive, and completely up to date, this is a must-have reference for anyone with even a passing interest in the world's birds. Illustrates the full range of birds, bird behavior, and bird-watching locations. Organized in taxonomic order with detailed introductions to every bird order. Special double-page features on the most spectacular birds. Breathtaking images of the bird world.
Publisher: DK ADULT
ISBN-13: 9780756655747
ISBN-10: 0756655749
Published on 8/3/2009
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 512

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