Bess's Log Cabin Quilt

Bess's Log Cabin Quilt

By D. Anne Love

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With her father away and her mother ill with fever, ten-year-old Bess works hard on a log cabin quilt to save the family farm.
Publisher: Yearling
ISBN-13: 9780440411970
ISBN-10: 0440411971
Published on 10/1/1996
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 128

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The plot of the story Bess's log cabin quilt is that she needs money for her barn. She enters a quilting contest with a prize of $200. Will she win? This is like when my mom was sick. Me and my brothers stayed quiet made her toast and took the dogs out. My favorite part of the book is when she stayed up all night to finish her quilt and her mom gave her $25 to enter. I recommend this book to 4th graders and any one who likes history.

Did you ever lose your dad? Bess does. When her mom is sick and her dad is gone a strange man asks for $100. Bess has to go in a quilting competition and is trying to win $1000. I like this book because it shows what happens and how life was back then. My favorite part was when at the end of the quilting competition. I recommend this book for people who like reading about mysteries and people who like country books.