Barbie™ Princess Charm School (Panorama Sticker Storybook)

Barbie™ Princess Charm School (Panorama Sticker Storybook)

By BarbieTM

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Based on the latest direct–to–video Barbie movie, this new addition to a best-selling format series encourages girls to read the exciting story and then recreate the tale with reusable stickers and a two-sided play board.

Barbie plays Blair, a girl who grew up in the kingdom of Buckinghurst. She’s an orphan who has seen the destruction of her kingdom’s natural resources, and longs to leave. But fate has other ideas for Blair once she is invited to be an assistant at Buckinghurst’s Princess Prep School!
Publisher: Studio Fun International
ISBN-13: 9780794422752
ISBN-10: 0794422756
Published on 6/21/2011
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 16

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Elva Elva

I love this book.

tamarac tamarac

i love this book because it has stickers and just barbies clothes are just so pretty.

i love this book it is barbtastic i apsalutly love it it is awesome i ish i was barbie she gets dresses and gets to be all pretty and i am at school in my pjs only because its pj dy so you have no rights to make fun of me my hole school is in there pjs it the whole world wearing pjs it would be so stinking awesome if the whole world was i would think it was just because

its ok wont recommend it

poppet poppet

its a bit babyish

it is about a girl named biare or clare and her little sister.her little sister sighs her up to be a prinses.