Bad Kitty: Kitten Trouble

Bad Kitty: Kitten Trouble

By Nick Bruel

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There's terrible news in the neighborhood next to Kitty's!

A conflict there is growing worse and worse. It started as an argument and has now turned into a full-fledged fight. Worst of all: The cat shelter has been destroyed.

Kitty's family decides it's time to do something to help. They have an idea to foster as many displaced kittens as possible.

Kitty won't mind, right?

Well . . . not exactly. Kitty does seem to mind.
She minds A LOT.

Will our favorite bad-tempered friend learn to share her space, her food, and **GASP!** her toys?

Find out in Kitten Trouble, this hilarious and poignant addition to the Bad Kitty series from bestselling author and illustrator Nick Bruel.

Publisher: Square Fish
ISBN-13: 9781250233288
ISBN-10: 1250233283
Published on 12/31/2019
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 176

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This book is really good because, of the illustrations. And one part I liked was when Bad Kitty was in Uncle Murray's house and had a dream of two Uncle Murray's having a war. The funniest part was when the kittens scared Bad Kitty in her litter. I recommend this book for people who like fantasy, and animals talking.