Ariol #1: Just a Donkey Like You and Me (Ariol Graphic Novels)

Ariol #1: Just a Donkey Like You and Me (Ariol Graphic Novels)

By Emmanual Guibert

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Book 1 of 10 in the  Ariol Series
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Grades 4 - 8Grade 3n/a2.56092
Brand new series from multiple award-winning author Emmanuel Guibert (The Photographer) and renowned illustrator Marc Boutavant! Ariol is your everyday tween donkey with blue glasses. He lives in the suburbs with his mom and dad. His best friend is a pig. He's in love with a beautiful cow in his class. His teacher is a dog. His gym teacher is a huge rooster. In short, Ariol is just like you and me. Kids will love the real humor around their lives on this one as they have in many other countries!
Publisher: Papercutz
ISBN-13: 9781597073998
ISBN-10: 1597073997
Published on 2/26/2013
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 124

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I love this book. I have the whole series.

i really want to read this and all the other books too

Its a good book for kids ages 9-11. Its fun and entertaining.

I don't want to read this because I think its way to babyish and not very good. Just my opinion. Thanks for reading or approving this

Ariol explores the world of a little donkey just like you and me. I didn't really this book and thing that the author should have been more clear.

Well, I had some of ARIOL at home, and i just missed that one ,so i read it, and its a wonderful book!! i hope you guys want to read it too!

IV never read an never read an ariol series but it looks interesting I'd like to try it

I really like the Ariol series. All the books in the series are super funny and entertaining! I loved this book! I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a lighthearted book.

I read this book for school and its amazing ,mostly funny.

A cute comic book about a small, glasses wearing donkey named Ariol, and his adventures with his friends and his Thunder Horse fantasy. I recommend this book.

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