Animal Rights

Animal Rights

By Charles Patterson

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Discusses the ways in which animals are used from medical research, food, education, and entertainment, and presents the views of some people concerned with the treatment of animals.
ISBN-13: 9780595094943
ISBN-10: 0595094945
Published on 6/15/2000
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 116

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I love llamas

This book (Animals Rights By: Charles Patterson) is a very awesome book for the people that don't know how painful are those animals feels. Author describe how painful those animals are and what humans have done to those animals. Animals should not get disturbed by humans and also humans can't steal their whole life. Humans should respect them and treat them like our humans. The author hopes that humans can stop hunting or disturbing animals from now and give them back their liberty and a safe home... I think the best part of this book is that the author wants humans to respect the animals and telling the reason. I also think it that way, I think humans should respect animals, then animals will respect humans too. I can imagine how painful those animals feel, and it seems horrible. I wish the problem can just solve soon...