Animal Jam: Official Insider's Guide (National Geographic Kids)

Animal Jam: Official Insider's Guide (National Geographic Kids)

By Katherine Noll

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The official guide to the amazing virtual world of National Geographic Kids Animal Jam, this colorful, fun companion book offers novices and expert gamers alike all they need to know. Richly illustrated with colorful photography and Animal Jam-style art, this book reveals never-before-known information about the game's world and its animal inhabitants. Packed with photos, facts, and fun, it's also a great guide to real-world animals, making it both a fact extravaganza and a game handbook.
Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books
ISBN-13: 9781426317781
ISBN-10: 1426317786
Published on 7/22/2014
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 240

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*This is not or has anything to do with Animal Crossing.* So basically Animal Jam is a super fun game to play and is free to download. It is an animal game where you choose your own animal and you have all these different lands and missions. This book is a guide to help with all of this.

This seems so cool!!!

Animal Jam is an inspiring game to play for kids and young adults. It is fun to play and you can play with all your buddies and friends. All you need to do is ask them for their username and search it up! As the game is loading, there are many cool facts to learn about any type of animal! Now you`ll never be bored when the game is loading! I really suggest this book if you are new and want to play Animal Jam. It will tell you all the tips to have an amazing, wild, Animal Jame experience!

This book is amazing! I'm so excited to learn everything there is to know about Animal Jam! I love it.

Nope Nope

This does not help elite players a.k.a. me and there are no warnings about membership only stuff everyone says it good but it is only for beginners which the tutorial says everything so waste of my money all I learned was the cool animal hero stuff also look on their page for complete lore.

lol lol

Sorry, but the book is false advertising. It says you get secret strategies and tips, yet it just talks about getting started, controls, or lore we already know. Oh, and by the way there are NO quizzes. I regret buying this book.

keevee keevee

I play this game buddy me in aj username kwolf09


how many lizas are there in the book?

lb3o2AJ lb3o2AJ

i have a orange studant :D but im not a member :.c

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