Alien Superstar (Book 2)

Alien Superstar (Book 2)

By Lin Oliver, Henry Winkler

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The out-of-this-world second book in superstar authors Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver’s newest middle-grade series
After escaping his oppressive home planet and landing a gig on a popular sitcom, Buddy Burger is ready for another wacky adventure! But as he gets more famous, will he be able to hide from his fans that he’s really an alien with suction cups for feet, a sensory enhancer that goes wild for gummy dragons, and six eyes? And will he be able to hide from the oppressive police force of his home planet forever? Action-packed and full of laughs, this is the second book in the exciting new middle-grade series that’s sure to be an intergalactic sensation.

Publisher: Amulet Books
ISBN-13: 9781419740992
ISBN-10: 1419740997
Published on 10/6/2020
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 256

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Nils Nils

This Bookmark is incredibleđź‘Ź

Novan Novan

This book is incredible đź‘Ź

Buddy C. Burger is back, and more famous than he thought he ever would be. He's starring in a sitcom as his true self, an alien; though no one but Cassidy and Luis, his two best friends, knows. But as Buddy continues his acting career, things start to go wrong. A nosy photographer is trying to get close to Buddy, someone tries to yank at his sensory enhancer at a Nike store, and Martha starts to act differently. It's then that Buddy realizes that he and his friends might not be the only ones who know his true identity, and that the others who do might not be as they seem... And if that's not bad enough, Buddy starts to feel his friendship with Cassidy starting to fade, and soon he's kicked out of her house. Things with Luis aren't going so well either when Buddy is forced to leave him behind at a convention. Without his friends, his body starts to become weaker. He is not getting the nutrients he needs, and when he needs it the most, will it be there? Will Buddy find a way to get back his friendships with his best friends, or will he have to leave to his home planet because of something he should have noticed a while ago with the people who hate him? And what if the people aren't really people? What if they came to take Buddy home? I really liked this book, and I thank DOGO for letting me own this book from a giveaway! I hope you guys have read this review and decide to read this book, because I'm sure you won't regret it!

OMG! I have wanted this book for sooo long!

I really want this book because I really want the book I did a preview and it was amazing

Yes, it is a really good book. You should definitely read it when you get the chance!