A Wolf Called Wander

A Wolf Called Wander

By Rosanne Parry

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A New York Times bestseller

“Don’t miss this dazzling tour de force.”—Katherine Applegate, Newbery Medal winning author of The One and Only Ivan

This gripping novel about survival and family is based on the real story of one wolf’s incredible journey to find a safe place to call home. Illustrated throughout, this irresistible tale by award-winning author Rosanne Parry is for fans of Sara Pennypacker’s Pax and Katherine Applegate’s The One and Only Ivan.

Swift, a young wolf cub, lives with his pack in the mountains learning to hunt, competing with his brothers and sisters for hierarchy, and watching over a new litter of cubs. Then a rival pack attacks, and Swift and his family scatter.

Alone and scared, Swift must flee and find a new home. His journey takes him a remarkable one thousand miles across the Pacific Northwest. The trip is full of peril, and Swift encounters forest fires, hunters, highways, and hunger before he finds his new home.

Inspired by the extraordinary true story of a wolf named OR-7 (or Journey), this irresistible tale of survival invites readers to experience and imagine what it would be like to be one of the most misunderstood animals on earth. This gripping and appealing novel about family, courage, loyalty, and the natural world is for fans of Fred Gipson’s Old Yeller and Katherine Applegate’s Endling.

Includes black-and-white illustrations throughout and a map as well as information about the real wolf who inspired the novel.
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
ISBN-13: 9780062895943
ISBN-10: 006289594X
Published on 5/5/2020
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 256

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This book was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! It follows a wolf who walked more than 1,000 miles, after its pack got seperated. It all starts when he is a pup, and then follows him until he finds a mate. It has beautiful writing, but it is also very sad. If you are looking for a great book about an animal, this is the right one for you. Some of the scenes get very detailed into things that might be sensitive for some people, so be careful while reading. I would recommend it for 10+

This is one of the best books I have ever read! Believe me it is amazing! It is sad but really great!

This book is really good it talks about a wolf and his journey across Oregon and some of California, he discovers many things along the way. And he learns many new things. This book is full of cliffhangers and you don't want to stop reading it. It is heartwarming, but some parts are really sad. If you read this then you made a good choice. :)

This is probably the best wolf book there is, it's about a wolf that was born but his REAL name is swift and his pack goes against this pack of wolves that are white then his pack loses and he gets lost and he gets confused he finds two members of his pack but his favorite brother,warm, dies swift is filled with sadness then later on he finds the road, on the other side is a female wolf and her name is night. Swift becomes friends with night and becomes mates then swift changes his name to wander and they have pups and the story ends. I love this book because my favorite animal is wolves and I really got in the book (by imaging it in real life) and I really think if you like wolves and adventure then you'll Really like this book sorry for making this so long but also if your reading or if you read it please comment what you think of it personally I LOVED IT!! Also tell me what YOUR favorite wolf (or any) book is :).

IT IS THE BEST BOOK EVER!!!! I really suggest you (who ever is reading this) read it you'll love it if you love wolves, i'm giving you a warning if you don't like the slightest bit of violence this might not be a book for you. love it :) :)

I have only gotten a little bit into it (Chapeter rival) but so far it is really good!

I thought tis book was top of the best because it had detail and I had it at home so it was amazing to read it.

“My pack is everything. They are my family.” Swift is a young wolf pup who has never seen the world beyond his pack’s borders. He is safe from all the dangers that lurk right outside their territory—other animals, wolf packs who are more powerful—and most importantly, men, the strange two-legged creatures who are never to be trusted. Ever since he was born, Swift has been warned about the evilness of men, and the terrible things they can do. But until now, he has never needed that knowledge. When a larger group of wolves invades Swift’s pack, he gets separated from them in a whirlwind of teeth and claws. Living without a pack, without other wolves to take care of him, is simply not living. It is just trying to survive in a cold, harsh world that will soon be taken over by men...so why live? But there is something inside Swift, a tiny ember of hope, that thinks there are more wolves around—and maybe they’re from his former pack. Then, he finds his younger brother Warm, and travels with him—until Warm is killed by men, with strange objects that shoot lightning. Swift is deeply saddened...and angry. He wants to get revenge for his brother’s death; but how can he fight men? It turns out he doesn’t have to—because soon, he will meet another wolf who can change his life. Can Swift survive? Only time will tell.

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