The Literacy Bridge - Large Print - A Ride Into Morning: The Story of Tempe Wick

The Literacy Bridge - Large Print - A Ride Into Morning: The Story of Tempe Wick

By Ann Ridaldi

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The Pennsylvania Line of the American Revolutionary Army has camped on Tempe Wick's farm. Every day her cousin Mary Cooper watches as Tempe grows more impatient with the waste and destruction of war. The soldiers are weak and suffering from the cold. Their families are starving. So Mary understands - although she does not approve - when Tempe's sympathies start to drift away from the Revolutionary Cause.

Available only in The Literacy Bridge 5.

Publisher: Thorndike Press
ISBN-13: 9780786279579
ISBN-10: 0786279575
Published on 9/23/2005
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 383

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Mary Cooper, a 14 years-old girl living on her 22 years-old cousin, Tempe Wick with her mother, Mary. Mary's aunt Mary became so sick that she was bedridden, so either her daughter or her niece have to stay and take care of aunt Mary. Mary C. who frequently being with her two friends, David Hamilton Morris (12) and Jeremiah Levering (14 or 15) who were in army. Morris served one year in army, because as revealed, his widowed mother couldn't afford to take care of her son so she put his son in care of military. And for Levering, he was homeless, and served for 3 years in artillery. But both boys were too small for drums, so they carried only muskets. Mary C. met Tempe's older brother, Henry who was away from home for nearly 11 years, and that caused his mother, Mary to think that Henry was dead. Mary, who is also friends with Lt. Enos Reeves, and Officer Anthony Wayne, and Mary was smitten by Wayne but also really liked Reeves, and in the ending was so surprising. - Happy Reading!