A Break with Charity: A Story about the Salem Witch Trials

A Break with Charity: A Story about the Salem Witch Trials

By Ann Rinaldi

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Grades 6 - 12Grades 3 - 8X4.757600
Susanna English desperately wants to join the circle of girls who meet every week at the parsonage, but she doesn’t realize the leader of the group, the malicious Ann Putnam, is about to set off a torrent of false accusations that will lead to the imprisonment and execution of countless innocent people-victims of a witch-hunt panic. “The author’s skillful manipulation of the conventions of the young-adult novel-particularly the rich exploration of being an outsider and going against the mainstream-makes this book a superb vehicle for examining the social dynamics of this legendary event.”-The Horn Book
Publisher: Graphia
Published on 7/1/2003
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 320

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Susanna English, a daughter of Phillip and Mary English along with her two siblings, older brother, William who got lost in the sea, and younger sister, Mary during 1660s-70s Salem Witch Trials. Witch trials are part of darkest era in American past. Susanna, who always loved to visit Boston, almost fearless but sometimes feel vulnerable when its comes to possibly losing family and friends. Mary, the mother, who trying to protect her daughters from possibly being named as a witches in the meeting house, got arrested, then got released, then got sick and died about 1690s in the following winter after she had been released from prison. Phillip, who does the same as his wife, Mary. Mary, a younger sister, who almost always feel scared almost every day, but in the book, you can see that she is brave. Susanna's friend and love of life, Jonathan Hathrone who always being with her. Joseph and Elizabeth Putnam, who let both sister Mary and Susanna to stay with them while Susanna and Mary's parents possibly return. Every day in the book, every lives were lost because of their "accused of being witches". - Happy Reading!

It was so good I already read it like ten times

It is so amazing so far Susana is in love with a boy while people are getting hanged and the people who are getting hanged are actually in scent and Susana is trying to prove that.