1776: America and Britain at War

1776: America and Britain at War

By David McCullough

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America's most acclaimed historian presents the intricate story of the year of the birth of the United States of America. 1776 tells two gripping stories: how a group of squabbling, disparate colonies became the United States, and how the British Empire tried to stop them. This book destroys many popular myths about the wars of independence and reveals in fact how many Americans wished to remain British, and how many British had profound doubts about a military solution to the revolt. It shows that many of those fighting knew those on the other side well, and as the great decisions and battles of 1776 unfolded and attitudes hardened, the truly fratricidal nature of the conflict became clear. A must read. This exhilarating book is one of the great pieces of historical narrative.
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN-13: 9781416542100
ISBN-10: 1416542108
Published on 10/2/2007
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 256

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This book related to Revolutionary War in 1776, I just LOVE to read books that is history related, horses-related, and many things! R.I.P. David McCullough, you will be forever be missed!

Revolution Without Emotion 1776 is a historical book about the Revolutionary War written by David McCullough. 1776 is about the year 1776 in the Revolutionary War and is composed of first hand accounts of military generals from both sides. Britain Colonies wanted freedom but Britain didn’t want them to break away. The Colonies then formed an army with George Washington as the General. 1776 talks a lot about war, training, underdogs, and resources. In my opinion 1776 was filled with too many facts and statistics and too little emotion. To me it was an unbalanced proportion between facts and feelings and I would rather it have more of the character’s thoughts instead of so many facts about what they had. In 1776 they speak very highly of General Washington and you will read multiple accounts of townspeople and colonels marveling over his magnificent build and how great he was on horseback. David McCullough wanted you to see Washington in the same way that they did 246 years ago and even puts in some quotes of Washington’s such as one which says “Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages.”. Overall for me I would rate this book a three out of five because I couldn’t relate to what the characters were feeling and it was hard to passionately read like that. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves history and likes war statistics.

Why did u give this book a three?🤔

This book is good but I've read better history books:-\

A great book about the American revolution and the events leading up to it. Gives a lot of depth into some of the main players in the war. A great book, but not really for weak readers.