Dawn Saves the Planet: Baby-Sitters Club, No.57 (Baby-Sitters Club (Quality))

Dawn Saves the Planet: Baby-Sitters Club, No.57 (Baby-Sitters Club (Quality))

By Ann Matthews Martin

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Book 57 of 94 in the  The Baby-Sitters Club Series
Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grade 5n/a4.527574
Worried about the fate of the planet, environmentally conscious Dawn makes plans to construct a recycling center at Stoneybrook Middle School, but soon all her hard work begins to keep her from paying attention to her friends.
Publisher: Apple
ISBN-13: 9780590456586
ISBN-10: 059045658X
Published on 9/1/1992
Binding: Paperback

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The book The Baby-Sitters club Dawn Saves the Planet the Novel is a great book from the series The Baby-Sitter Club. It's about a passionate girl named Dawn trying to save(help) the planet and trying to make it a better place for the future while trying to balance her friendship and babysitting. At first she was successful but near the end of her goal she overheard a conversation and then she realized the way she has been rude to her friends and everyone. That's when she felt like she flopped. At the end it was remarkable how she balanced everything back together again. I love this book because it reminds you that you can get over excited about something and your whole mood changes and affects other people and it will affect more things. I recommend you to read it and it will change your mind about the way you think about her at first.

Dawn is a total nature advocate! So, when Dawn is assigned to do a project in ecology class, she is super excited. With the help of Stacey, Dawn starts a class for little kids, teaching them the importance of recycling and how to stop pollution. But she's not done! Dawn wants to start a recycle center at the school too. She needs a lot of help but unfortunately, she's frustrating everyone! She's even bossing Stacey and the other BSC girls around. Dawn only meant to do the right thing, but did she maybe step too far? I thought this book was really interesting and fun! I taught the importance of protecting our planet. It also showed the importance of treating people well and teaching that you can't save the planet on your own. I suggest it if you like science, friendship, and babysitting. Happy reading!