This award-winning cultural book is inspired by a true story. One summer morning, 8 year old Persian girl, Naji woke up to an unusual sound. Three strangers were digging in her courtyard. Naji’s sixth sense warned her: something suspicious was lurking down there. As events unfold and suspense rises, readers will enjoy the many colors of Persian culture, cuisine, folklore, history, geography, religion, language, and intrigue through Naji’s eyes and heart. No one was prepared for the ending. Not even Naji. For middle graders to adults. Includes glossary, study projects and discussion questions sections. Lexile® Measures 690L
Paperback, 198 pages
Published on May 6, 2014 by Stormtop Publishing
ISBN-10: 0991110315
ISBN-13: 9780991110315
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  • peakreader
    peakreaderover 6 years44 stars
    Naji and the Mystery of the Dig was a very good book. I learned a lot about Persian culture, families and food which is really cool. At the end of the story, in the back of the book there are questions that I thought were interesting. My favorite was, would you go in the hole? The story is about a young eight year old girl Naji and her family. One morning she hears digging in her yard and later learns that they need a new septic well for their toilet. The mystery of the dig and her life unfolds throughout the story. There are many strange things that happen that Naji learns valuable lessons from. If you want to know how strange you should read the story. I would recommend Naji and The Mystery of the Dig to anyone who likes a good quick read, wants to learn about life for children in the middle east and enjoys a great ending.