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Grades 6 - 8Grades 3 - 8Y4.936627
Published on January 1, 2006 by Listening Library
ISBN-10: 0307281442
ISBN-13: 9780307281449
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  • gavned
    gavnedabout 2 yearsFeatured
    What if your job was pre-chosen and everything you will do in life is already decided- a world were you’ll die if you disobey. If that’s where you could live, would you do it? In The Messenger by Lois Lowry, watch as Matty goes through the forest and how he deals with his new job as the messenger. The story takes place in a small town thats surrounded by a dark forest. Matty is chosen for messenger a person that’s allowed to go into the forest with out getting punished. When matty goes into the forest and gets caught he gets punished by the leader but this will change. Matty discorvers a person in the forest and his conflicting ideals keep him from telling the truth. Also matty tries to come to grep with the truth surrounding the forest. Which makes the reader think about the deep psychological effects that influence the forest. This gives the reader a sense of uneasiness but it also leaves the reader confused at some point through the story which made it hard to read. When I take the time it's more than worth reading it even if you I can't understand it sometimes. This is why I think it's worth reading for people that like mysteries and want to get actively think while their reading.
    • lovetoread26
      lovetoread26over 2 years55 stars
      This was an amazing book! It answers many questions about what happens to Jonas and Gabe after they leave their society. Matty becomes a messenger between Kira and her father, Seer. When Village threatens to close, Matty makes the perilous journey through Forest to find Kira ad take her to Village before she is blocked out. This book is so suspenseful, especially at the end! Any reader will enjoy it.
      • joshua54321
        joshua54321about 3 years55 stars
        I gave this book a 5 star because it shows a great story at the end. I made a connection because Matty helped the giver like if I would help my grandpa. Matty, a teenage boy who serves as a message-bearer through the menacing forest that surrounds his community. As he develops mysterious healing powers, he becomes a focal point for different factions who want to use his powers for their own benefit. This is my review on this book, Messenger.
        • gtaylor505
          gtaylor505about 5 years44 stars
          The Messenger, a companion book to The Giver and Gathering Blue, is a great book that I highly recommend. Set in a utopian society, the Village, this book is about one of the characters, Mattey, from Gathering Blue when he's older. But things in the Village take a dark turn, and it's up to Mattey to fix it.
          • bluehorse3
            bluehorse3almost 7 years55 stars
            Amazing! The third book to one of the best SciFi series! Go Lois Lowry! Mattie is older now and is living with the people who have blue!
            • sunnyf
              sunnyfabout 7 years44 stars
              This is the third book of the companion of the dystopian novel The Giver. Matty lived in a flourished village that was different from the one took place in the book Gathering Blue. Matty had grown from a mischievous boy to a young adult that took care of the Seer, a blind old man with special sights. As the village prospered, the villagers seemed to lost themselves. They were trading their deepest selves to get what they desired. This seemed to be effective and a warning to the readers. We often see what we desire, but we often left behind or forgot what we really own in our souls. Meanwhile, ominous changes were occurring in the forest. Matty had to bring Kira, who was the Seer’s daughter, to the village, or else the forest would thicken and kept the outsiders out of the village. Before Matty began his journey, the Leader told him that his had a gift, or some sort of magical power, in his soul. While Matty was going through the journey, the forest didn’t stop thickening. Matty was finding himself during the journey and didn’t give up although they were unlikely going to survive through the way. I love this book, because it offered me the confidence to find myself and be who I am.
              • pickerr
                pickerralmost 8 years
                is this related to the giver? is it the same series?
                • analise
                  analiseabout 8 years
                  Messenger was a sad, sad ending. I really almost cried but then I said "Its not real." I feel for the characters, and lowry depicts an almost real scene.
                  • readingboss
                    readingbossabout 8 years
                    The messenger tells of a boy named Mattie he lives in the village with a blind man they call the seer.The forest is thickening and the seer wants Mattie to get his daughter.On this action packed book Mattie will have to get through the forest.
                    • jazzyhands
                      jazzyhandsover 8 years55 stars
                      DYSTOPIA/UTOPIA BOOK! You can never go wrong with that. Messenger will take The Giver and Gathering blue, and smash the stories together. If you read it, you'l understand.