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    "The Story Of My Life" has 280 pgs. and was written by John Albert Macy and Helen Keller. The genra is non-fiction because it is an autobiography. In this book, Helen Keller explains what it was like being blind and deaf and how she became blind and deaf. She talked about the struggle of learning to communicate and how she finally figured it out. But, she mostly tells you about her time spent with Anne Sullivan, her teacher. In this story, Helen Keller's life was always a struggle and she learned that you should never give up. For example, Helen Keller is blind and deaf, so learning to read sign language, speak, and read was a tedious and slow process, but she kept trying and eventually learned to communicate. Also, Helen Keller always studied hard until she could clearly understand what she was reading, which normaly took a long time because Anne had to translate most textbooks. But, Helen Keller's studying paid off and she was able to attend Radcliffe College and get a Bachelor of Arts degree. Helen Keller showed people that a disability doesn't hold you back, and if you try hard enough, you can do anything. In the end, Helen Keller is an inspiration to never give up because you can do amazing things is you try. "The Story Of My Life" is a great book, however, I would not recommend it. It is complicated and hard to understand, like when Helen Keller starts talking on and on about random things but you only hear mumbo jumbo. Also, the book isn't very interesting, nothing exciting happens to her, so it is very pedestrian. Although, if I could ask her one question, I would ask her if she had the option to prevent being blind and deaf, would she make that change?
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