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    The Beast Within By Selena Va lento. This story is about a young prince that meets a girl in the ball that the prince throws. At that time the prince was dating. Then Geston said that the girl that the prince was dating was a pig farmer. So the boys go to the pig farmers house there she was feeding the pigs on the farm. He throw another ball. That's when Geston was talking to Bell. He meets Geston and asked if he knew that girl he said yes.Later that night Ceca turned into a Witch and said to the prince if you don't marry the prettiest girl in the village by your 21st birthday you will die.Then she turned the prince into the beast. He meets Tulip at the ball and wants to marry her. Then the prince turned into the beast and tulip runs off into the distance. Then he traps Bells father and Bell turned he in tho the beast. So if you like to read about drama you should reed this book to.
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