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    One of the lessons King Arthur learns is to not seek revenge and to forgive people for what they have done. If he learned this sooner, it could have made him more calm and peaceful, eventually helping his life in many ways. For example, King Arthur could have made a truce with Sir Lancelot instead of starting a war. Then he would have saved the lives of of all the men who died. It would also have saved him time and he would actually get what he wanted. Then, he would be happy and live his life with his queen. In conclusion, King Arthur learns an important lesson in the story. I would rate this book an “8 out of 10” and it’s illustrations a “7 out of 10”. I would recommend this book because King Arthur’s actions are extraordinary compared to anyone else's and because the book makes you wants to read more. One unanswered question I would ask King Arthur is, “ Why didn’t you make peace with Sir Lancelot when he first asked?”
    12 months ago

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