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    The book that I read was called Alexis And The Perfect Recipe.This is a book in a series called the Cupcake Diaries this one is the fourth book by Coco Simon. In Alexis And The Perfect Recipe Alexis is in a club called the cupcake club with her three friends Mia, Katie, and Emma. Emma has a brother named Matt which Alexis develops a crush on but doesn’t know how to tell her friends. Since Alexis is in a cupcake club she has to make cupcakes for her sister Dylan’s party with her other friends. At the party Emma’s whole family is invited so Alexis gets really excited and she sets a goal to dance with Matt. After that the rest of the story is Alexis trying to accomplish her goal. I would not recommend this book for older kids but maybe for younger kids. I wouldn't recommend this book because it is really easy and doesn't teach you anything.
    About 4 years ago
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