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    I want another book like this they are fun to read!
    About 3 years ago
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    "Only the Good Spy Young" is about how Cammie and Bex spend the summer with Bex's parents in London, but when Mr. Solomon shows up suddenly and is currently being framed for being involved with the "Circle" which is a bad group of spy agents who are all over the world and responsible for killing Cammie's dad. Because of being framed and jumping off a bridge, Mr. Solomon is replaced with Townsend who is a lousy Coverups teacher. With her friends, Zach, her mom, Aunt Abby, and Bex's parents they sneak into Blackthorne and find clues that Mr. Solomon left them. It leaves you thinking and wondering if Mr.Solomon is innocent or is the true murderur.
    About 3 years ago
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