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    This book is definitely not like any other books I've ever read. It's a bit weird for my taste but otherwise it is a good book. Sylvie is a relatable character though, when it comes to her thoughts and appearance any girl can relate to her. Carl on the other hand is witty and calm; he kind of reminds me of myself in some ways. I found the glass obsession surprising since that clearly isn't something you would normally see or read. Thought in the end I enjoyed reading something that was out of my comfort-zone. One thing I liked was that Sylvie was still not fully developed into her teenage figure or mind. I think it helped the story and also made it relatable to readers which is always important. Overall the book was okay in my opinion but, I wouldn't recommend this book.
    Over 3 years ago
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    Where to begin with this book, the amazing story of Xio and Fredrick's friendship is one we all want in life. This beautiful story of realization can help other kids with any confusion they may be having and show them that there is always positivity in every situation. One thing I like is that the book is that it includes some real issues that people actually go through; such as bullying and divorced parents' situations. I also like that since the book is based in a setting that has many Hispanics (in the book it mentions Mexicans specifically) the author included Spanish dialogue and had a glossary for all the words that were in Spanish which is very helpful if you don't fluently read Spanish. This book does have some language so I'd say it should be rated 12+. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone interested.
    Over 3 years ago
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    The Other Boy is a heartfelt story about a transgender girl, Shane, who struggles to open up to her acquaintances about her 'secret'. This story talks about other things as well such as bullying. I like how the book includes little comic strips at the end of each chapter. I would definitely recommend this book to 11+. I also think this book should be read in middle schools to show kids how everyone is perfect the way they are and to show that there are always different prospectives.
    Over 3 years ago

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