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    I think will help me with my maths because of the knowlage that it will give you. i know that i will make goodd use of the knowlage if i had it, but there was one teincy weincy little problemo. IKT LINKED ME THROUGH TO THE WQRONG AND I REPEAT WRONG PAGE!!!!!!!!! It took me through to a page where it helps me to plan for stuff and i repeat plan for stuff!!!
    About 8 years ago
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    About 8 years ago
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    I think that this thing well... yeah thing i mean story is fascinating it tells you about the city of the future and how our lifes may end up being in terms of the enviroment. But i just have one question...? How much will this city cost us...? will it really be as you say it ...? and, if it does cost us will the cost be added in to the taxes of the people well lets say average people around the world. And if so by if so i mean if it will cost us millions and millions of dollars it won't be fair because only the wealthyist among us will be allowed to stay there and live a happy and healthy life. But in this case i also give a big thumbs up for in your planning trying to make this place an envirometally sustainable and eco friendly place, well city to live in.......
    About 8 years ago

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