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    I think learning about our ancestors is really cool. We can predict the future based on what happened in the beginning of the world. At school we learned about the basic types of hominids and how they evolved into modern day humans, but I never knew there were more out there. If anybody can give their opinion-I would like to know, but do you think there are more hominids out there? Also too- how many islands are there in the Philippines? If you can reply to my questions that would be great-thanks!
    9 months ago
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    I find it quite interesting that there is another evolution of the human species! I have to do a current event at school and this is for sure the article I'm picking!!
    9 months ago
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    One question, have they found anymore fossils? If they did they might be able to find more about the species and record it.
    9 months ago
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    Paleontologists had long believed that ancient humans used land bridges to migrate from one country to another. Hence, Luzon, the largest of the 7,641 islands that comprise the ...
    9 months ago

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