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    ( sort of a spoilers not really but if you are going to watch Moana soon don’t read this but if you’re brave and want a sneak peek then it’s fine if you want to read this though.) Moana is a Polynesian girl. Her name meant sea. She always wanted to go to the ocean and help the flower god get her gem back because the island were dying because of Maui. Maui stole the gem and he is a shapeshifter and he stole the gem. Maui and Moana go on a adventure to return the gem and save the world. Watch Moana to see this and more adventures in Moana. By the way there are beautiful songs.
    7 months ago
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    This book is so good. I can’t remember but John Hale is from Chicago and he is a pioneer. His parents are farmers and they live in a Soddy in a small Dakota town of Praire Creeks. Granny was Johns little sister. John is caught in a blizzard in I think January and will he survive. Read, I survived the Children’s Blizzard 1888 and you’ll find out and find out johns awesome adventures too.
    7 months ago
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