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    Dorothy is a girl who was trying to run away from one women who was trying to kill her dog.At that time the tornado was coming so she run to home but she was too late to go under the grind so she just run to her room and she just hide. And when her house get in the tornado she hit her head after that when she woke up she land on the Munchkin land .And when she lend at the Munchkinland her house lend on the which of the east .After she get out of her house she knew that she was in the Munchkin land .She was very surprised.After when she met a which the north she to her how can I go back to home ask Dorothy.Which of the north tell her to follow the yellow street. And she get to crystal castle and before that she first met tree friends and go together. But she can't go to Wizard of oz. Now you tried to watch the Wizard of oz. When you are watching that movie I think you get bag of popcorn and some tissue. I hope you will like that movie a lot.
    Almost 2 years ago
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