Not-So-Common Cents: Super Duper Important Facts About Money You Can't Afford to Miss

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Not-So-Common Cents: Super Duper Important Facts About Money You Can't Afford to Miss

By Flynn, Sarah


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National Geographic Childrens Books
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February 1 - February 28, 2023
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  • cookiechan
    cookiechanabout 1 month
    I also really love National Geographic!
    • cookiechan
      cookiechanabout 1 month
      I really want this book because I want to learn more about money. Money is a really important part of life. I'd really like to see how money is made. I'd also like to save and spend my money wisely. I think everybody should learn how to properly use money. They should also know the history behind it.
      • pudgyjeon
        pudgyjeonabout 1 month
        Hi Dogo! :) So you've probably gotten tons and TONS of users saying 'I love National Geographic' or 'I really want to learn about money', and I am no exception! :D I would really enjoy reading this, because, money! It's so interesting because it pretty much rules our country. Plus, judging by the title of it, this book has lots of puns. I am the type of person who absolutely LOVES a good pun. And yet ~another~ reason I'd really like to win this book is: I'd appreciate having knowledge on how to make, save, and be smart with money or $$! ;^] I mean, who doesn't savor the idea of beneficial tips? And so... Here's to hoping I get a fascinating, spellbinding book to read.... But of course, good luck to everybody else! Thanks for reading!
        • fosterkeefe
          fosterkeefeabout 1 month
          I want to win this book because I want to become aware of all the things I can do with my money. I want to learn how to save money, and maybe learn some facts so that I have knowledge of the economic world.I hope I win so that I can teach myself about money, how to keep track of it, and how to spend it so that I don't fall into the impulse buying scheme when I'm older.
          • blossomreader
            blossomreaderabout 1 month
            I really want this book because I have a feeling that I'm going to need help with my finances in the future because I don't deal with my money right now. My parents handle everything but I want to learn to be independent. I hope that with this book I can learn how to save and spend my money safely and teach others as well. Money is a huge part of our country. It's a huge part of the world, and everyone should know how to use it, because it's super important. I hope I win!
            • zarkinpants
              zarkinpantsabout 2 months
              SO, I love to eat money and I want to learn more about my FAVORITE snack! Also, I would like to know about those mysterious markings on dollars bills! And the history of money too. OH, and most importantly of all, I want to learn how to MAKE money.(So I can get more money to eat). -zarkinpants III of Southwest Bobbletown
              • cavachon
                cavachonabout 2 months
                I would love to learn more about money, and make lots of it!
                • belle252
                  belle252about 2 months
                  This seems like a really interesting book and I would love to learn more about how to manage money and how to properly spending money! This book seems like it has really useful information and I would love to be able to read it and share it with the people around me!
                  • book_addict
                    book_addictabout 2 months
                    I would really love to win this book! I think it would be great to learn how to manage or use money wisely. I am a BIG fan of National Geographic books, and so is my brother! I am actually trying to save up money for something, and I think it would be great to learn how to spend it wisely. Thank you so much for these great opportunities!
                    • foreverregancorn
                      foreverregancornabout 2 months
                      This is so cool for managing money!
                      • techfashion0315
                        techfashion0315about 2 months
                        I would love to win because I am actually planning on making a budget! I was just telling my mom that I want to be more of an entrepreneur so this would be a huge help. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone!! 😉

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