Fire World (Last Dragon Chronicles, Book 6)

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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 5n/a4.998832
David and the dragons are back in the latest installment in the NY TIMES bestselling Last Dragon Chronicles!

After destroying a trace of dark fire, David, Zanna, and the Pennykettle dragons vanished. In a brand-new world, Co:per:nica, which runs parallel to that of Crescent Lane, firebirds roam the ancient librarium, a museum for books. But when 12-year-old David and Rosanna accidentally injure one of the firebirds, they are suddenly thrust into a remarkable adventure. The evil Ix have taken over one of the firebirds, turning it to the side of darkness, but the birds have a secret: They know about the existence of dragons. And from across the universe, one may come to their aid....

Hardcover, 576 pages
Published on April 26, 2011 by Orchard Books
ISBN-10: 054528368X
ISBN-13: 9780545283687
10 Book Reviews
  • artkid
    artkid10 months22 stars
    2 stars--I don't want my review to be long and rambling, so let me just get to the point--I did NOT like this book. I didn't finish it--I read about 1/3 of the story before I got bored OUT OF MY MIND and had to put it down. I've read some of Chris D'Lacey's other works before, including the first five books in the Last Dragon Chronicles, so I really tried to give Fire World a chance--but it wasn't very enjoyable for me. There was almost NO action in the first third of the book. None of the people actually do anything. It's just the main character, David, living in a huge library (called the Librarium) with his friend Rosa and the Librarium's curator, Mr. Henry (who, BTW, is as dull as drying cement and not at all a noteworthy character). David doesn't have much of a personality either, other than having a crush on Rosa. I really wish there was more action and character development--the story would've been interesting if there was. Then there's Aunt Gwyneth. I just HATED her personality and the way she acted, as if she's better than everyone else. In the previous books, she was a villain for some time, but a GOOD one. I enjoyed her snappy comments and wily personality. But in this book, she's just an annoying bully who uses power and brute force to get what she wants. The plot was kind of cliche, too. The characters are living in a different world, where the only inhabitants are humans with special powers and strange creatures called firebirds. As the story progresses, the main characters eventually discover the existence of dragons. Now, where have I seen that before? I'm not saying the story needs to be completely original, but this plotline of people discovering that mythical creatures are real seems overused. The only reason I'm giving the book 2 stars instead of 1 is because D'Lacey describes everything in great detail and the world building is okay. Also, the cover is absolutely AMAZING. Seriously, it looks like a professional artist designed it. So if there are more books in the series after this one, I probably won't be reading them, because Fire World didn't live up to my expectations. This is my honest opinion.
    • Kaleb castanedaover 6 years
      just the ending is hard to take in:(
      • nannerb
        nannerbover 6 years55 stars
        This book was amazing. It had a wonderful mix of mystery and adventure. I recommend this book but you must read the WHOLE set of books. .
        • mj2603
          mj2603over 8 years55 stars
          i have just started the book it is amazing so is the series
          • mj2603
            mj2603over 8 years55 stars
            i have just started the book it is amazing so is the series
            • ulimnover 9 years
              loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              • edk
                edkover 9 years
                i want to read it
                • tiaover 9 years
                  I love this book,it had many adventure.
                  • kevirino
                    kevirinoover 9 years55 stars
                    I really lik this series. It is very interesting and I have finished all of the books. Reccomended for very skilled readers.
                    • southernbelle
                      southernbelleover 10 years
                      WOAH WOAH WOAH THIS SEREIS IS AMAZING!! i have to say some of the books at the end of the series are a little hard to comprehend....i had to read some of them a few times before i totally understood it.