Stink Superhero Writing Contest for Grades 4 - 8

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Candlewick Press
Candlewick Press and Megan McDonald
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March 15 - April 23, 2015
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Look! Up in the Sky! It's Stink Moody!

He may be Judy Moody's younger brother - and the shortest kid in his second grade class - but Stink Moody is big on personality! He's great at math and likes to draw comics. Oh, and he's vertically challenged (a.k.a. short).

To celebrate his 10th birthday, Stink wants you to write a story.

Not just any story, he wants you to write a superhero story. Pretend that you're a superhero.  What are your special powers? What kind of outfit would you wear? What is your one weakness? Who is your arch enemy? How did you get your special powers? What is your superhero name?

So think about the most amazing superhero you can imagine and now write a short story in which you're the superhero. Top 5 entries will be read by Stink author Megan McDonald who will choose the winner.

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  • Most Superhero Entry

    talk2camdenalmost 8 years
    It was just another day at headquarters, answering phone calls, or checking dogs in for their stay. The old-fashioned cord phone right next to me rang. “Hello, and thanks for calling Barktown Dog Daycare. How may I be of service to you today?” I answered, not excited at the thought of answering the phone for the umpteenth time to answer the same questions. “May I speak to Camden?” the woman on the other line asked. “This is he.” I said. “It’s me, Agent Catnip. We have a new mission already, Agent Barkstorm. Dr. Cat-trina is at it again. This time she’s abducting dogs all over the city. We haven't found out what she’s going to do with them, but it can't be anything good.” Agent Catnip was my sidekick, a pretty girl with long, blonde hair and glasses. She'd helped me a couple of times to temporarily defeat Dr. Cat-trina. Because of that, my superhero me, Barkstorm, had become quite popular in town. “Where and when should we meet?” I asked. “At the dog park, in ten minutes.” she hung up. Just then, the clock struck closing time. I hurried out the door and ended up at the dog park. I immediately saw Catnip and caught up to her. “Let’s go. You better change so you can get out of here.” she said. I quickly looked around around and saw no one. Then, I ran in a circle three times and was magically transformed into a golden retriever with a red cape, a blue collar, and a small red mask covering my eyes. Catnip put a leash on me and took me to the location. That was when I realized Cat-trina was looking for dogs, and figured out Agent Catnip’s true identity. But it was too late. I had failed.
    Contest Winners
    • Superhero Entry

      pigstoe103almost 8 years
      As my footsteps echoed through the possibly endless tunnel, and when it seemed like I had been walking forever, light caught my eye. My suit glimmered in the light, an off-white with intricate golden lace. I flicked my bushy orange tail tipped in white. I am known as Fiona Fox. My new sidekick, Rachel, gave me a trusting smile and I felt more relaxed. She had thoughtful green eyes that matched the ivy pattern in her silver suit. We finally came out of the tunnel and she gave a sigh of relief. " Finally. Do you see any white flowers..?" I smirked, revealing my pointed fangs. "No, keep searching. " Suddenly, my keen sense of smell detected danger. A white misty shape appeared from the tunnel behind us and I gasped. "Silvius..." Rachel lifted her fingers and vines sprouted from the ground twisting it's way toward our enemy. I snarled and supernaturally jumped toward him and extended my long claws. Silvius hissed and his crimson eyes narrowed. "If it isn't Fiona and her little sidekick Rachel." He laughed and a dark force surrounded Rachel. She gave a muffled shriek and instantly blacked out. " If you attempt to attack me, I will kill her." I looked around frantically and fingered the amber amulet around my neck. A familiar, massive figure lunged out of the distance. The creature, which I called Amber because of the amulet it gave me and it's eyes. The creature looked like a mix of a giant squirrel and a weasel with wings. interesting combination. It shrieked once and lunged through the air and landed on Silvius. My enemy writhed and tried to get away but Amber focused her eyes on Silvius and he got hypnotized by her gaze. Yes, Amber can hypnotize people. In a matter of seconds her job was done and he vanished in a puff of white smoke. Rachel was released and I came to her side checking if she was alright. She gave me a weak smile and took my shoulder. " I'm alright, and while you were fighting I spotted the flower..." Her hand shakily pointed toward a shaded area and there it was, shining in the sunlight. I thanked her and ran toward the flower. I breathed slowly, heart beating fast. This flower gave you the power of life and death.... " So beautiful, but yet so deadly in the wrong hands.: I scooped it from the soil and put it in the small case where it belonged. I came back to Rachel and she was coughing. "No! don't die on me!" I looked at the flower, innocent and fragile. I put it to her chest and the light came back into her eyes, skin returning to natural color. " Thank you." I gave a sigh of relief. " You know, we have accomplished more then just defeating Silvius, I have found the best sidekick there could be."
      • Superhero Entry

        maddyrocks13almost 8 years
        I can do something others can't. A strange thing. A thing that defies the very boundaries of physics and logic, yet I still do it. My caretaker, head of the local police force, calls it 'flying', but I'd say a more accurate description would be 'levitating while moving'. Its something I was born with, though my origin is somewhat of a mystery; my first memories are of my caretaker finding me alone in an abandoned building. Sometimes I wonder about my past, but I’ve got bigger fish to fry, so to speak. Even at 12, I know I must protect my country, the East Isle, from the beings that threaten it. My enhanced – ah – abilities allow for me to work from a new angle – quite literally - assisting and saving as many lives as I can. Our country is constantly under attack from the foreigners of the West Isle. They will show no mercy until they have taken what they want, the very land on which the East Isle stands, itself. I simply cannot allow the people of my country to be taken over, when we had so much peace before the West Isle attacked. Find me in scarlet, take a glance up and see me streaking across the sky. The life I live is never a tranquil one, though I know my duty, to help and to save, to be kind and pure of heart. My name is the Red Bullet, I'm 12 years old, and I am a superhero.