Secret Series Writing Contest for Grades 4-8

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Pseudonymous Bosch - Author of the Secret Series
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March 13 - May 1, 2013
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Greetings readers and future writers.  I've come out of hiding because I have a bit of an emergency.  A dilemma.  A true crisis.  See, I have a book coming out next month, on April 2nd, to be exact but I haven't written it.  Not because I don't want to, but because, well….actually, yes.  Because I don't want to.  So I need your help.  I need YOU to write it for me.  So we're having a contest.  You have to write a story about a secret, a secret story and we'll award prizes in three categories: funniest, most mysterious and strangest. Now quick, get to work.  My editor is stalking me!

Secretly yours,
Pseudonymous Bosch

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  • Mysterious Entry

    dogguy234about 11 years
    The Secret It was a normal day at Riverside Middle School… I was in the library, reading one of Agatha Christie’s mysteries, and was at the point where Hercule Poirot was about to unveil the secret message, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I jumped, exclaiming, “What the…!” It was Danny Boone, one of my best friends. “Shh!” “What is it?! I’m really into this book right now and the secret...” “Secret? I’ve got one. A huge one.” “Really? What is it?!” “It’s a matter of life and death. Follow me.” We ducked down under the table. “Okay Ron, I want you to meet me right after school, at 3:45 PM, behind the big clock tower. Then I’ll tell you the secret.” Danny said. “Okay...” I said. “But don’t tell anyone, because it’s very dangerous. If it slips out…” “Cross my heart and hope to die.” “Good.” He walked out of the library, pretending nothing ever happened. And…at 3:45PM, behind the clock tower, there were exactly 98 kids present, eager to know Danny Boone’s secret. All of a sudden, a kid shouted, “Hey, there’s Danny!” We turned as one and saw him walking by, on his way to the bus stop. Another kid shouted “Yo Danny! Won’t you tell us your big secret?” “Secret?” Danny said. “What secret?” “The secret you said you would tell me right now, right here!” I yelled. “Oh… that! I almost forgot. Ok.” he walked over smiling. “Come on! We can’t wait forever! Tell us!” “The secret is… that there is no secret.” We all shouted in unison, “WHAT?!” “How could you guys be so stupid? Danny said. “It’s April Fool’s Day!”
    • Strange Entry

      agentp313about 11 years
      Dear reader, this tale is not like other stories. For this story is quite…strange. If you wish to continue reading, it is your choice whether to believe my story or not. I still don’t quite believe it myself. It all began after dinner. I collapsed on my bed from exhaustion and started to dream. However, my dream was rather unusual. I was in a field of purple grass. The strange thing about the grass was that they were…singing. I peered closer and was startled to hear that they were singing some rhyme. I ignored it and saw some triangular buildings in the distance. I reached the town with the triangular buildings and was shocked as I looked around. Squirrels were riding on Pegasus’s and dogs were walking humans on leashes! The triangular buildings were all made of cheese! But the most bizarre thing was that inanimate objects, like chairs or tables, were walking along the streets. They casually waved to one another like there was nothing peculiar at all. One of the chairs noticed me. He shouted at the townspeople in some weird language. They replied and I realized they were speaking backwards. They brought a crown and started to chant “Gink!” I realized that “Gink” was “King” backwards. They wanted me to be their king! They gave me a crown and lead me to a castle, made of toothpicks! I stayed in that town for 5 days. During that time, I was given many tasks like constructing buildings out of chocolate. Suddenly, I awoke in my own bed. I realized that everything that had happened to me was just a dream. When I climbed out of bed, I looked down at my shoes and gasped. For in my shoes was a piece of purple grass, singing some rhyme.
      • Strange Entry

        claire4thabout 11 years
        As a very experienced auther I know well how to start a book, this one, I'm not so sure. Lets just say one day, or more like a few years somthing happened that might change your life forever. More detail...OK. Here it goes, just give me a moment, alright, now i'm ready. Thousands of years ago many things lived on Mars. I say things because most of them would not be considered animals or creatures now. Well, that was about to change. You see there used to be a nearby star that may have kind-of exploded killing all of them. OK I may have lied it killed all but one . His name was Sulala. Sulala was a hepod. Sulala was also lonely when all of everything died so he begged and begged the sun to come and talk to him. Finally the sun came but when he did Sulala saw somthing so beautiful for the first time. It was Earth. The sun's rays were so bright he felt like he could see anywhere. He had to think quickly and swiftly tied the sun up and made him stay where he was. Sulala then moved to earth and met another Hepod and became known as Humans, not Hepod's. Now you and I know the sun is very strong and sooner or later he is going to break those ropes and I want you to be prepared for that day. Do any thing it takes, trust me!
        • Strange Entry

          claraoswinoswalabout 11 years
          This is the strangest story you will ever hear, of a man with just one ear. But the strange thing about a man with one ear is the he could hear 100 times stronger than a man with six not two but six ears. The first day he man found out that he was different was on December 4, 2012 . He heard the sound of a bee buzz from his room with his window shut , and there hadn't been bees outside for 6 weeks because it was winter. Then he realized if he had heard a bee buzz it was probably in a different state.Then the old man mumbled " How can this be I have only one ear yet I hear farther than I can see!". He told all of his friends but none believed him! But the next day the man had found out his gift was also a curse, because when he came close to something making any type of noise his ear would pound and his heart would race. He decided if he went on like this he might just as well plug his ear for the rest of his life , and never listen. But he started to worry would this be a smart idea? Could he possibly never listen? That would catch up to him someday. He decided to go to a friend to ask him to make a noise so loud he would become death. His friend made a sound as loud as he could, that the man was not just death but he was as blind as could be. Then the man had realized that what ever he would change everything else would just get worse. So he stopped trying to change and the rest of his life was peaceful.
          • Strange Entry

            squirmybookwormabout 11 years
            Maybe you should stop nagging me to tell you this story. Then I wouldn’t be in danger, and you wouldn’t put yourself in danger. You’ll make me eat…WHAT? Sauerkraut, mustard, and pickles mixed TOGETHER? Okay, no need to be hasty, just, uh, put that down and I’ll tell you right away… Zig, a goat, was hiding, spying on her neighbors’ armadillo. She knew it was hiding something. She just felt it. She watched the armadillo closely. Suddenly, it charged towards her! Zig jumped back, alarmed. Not just because of the charge. It was morphing into a giant chicken! She was frozen in place, waiting for it to peck her with its giant beak, when a hand grabbed her and pulled her underneath an elephant! She turned around to thank the person who had saved her (this was a tame elephant, used to having people under it, apparently) and saw what looked like... Cousin Itt?Yes, Cousin Itt from the Addams Family! He spoke to her. (he had undergone speech therapy to get rid of the voice he talks with on television) “Not much time to explain. Your neighbors are sinister beasts that can morph into whatever they want on a whim. They want to destroy the world, and they have a secret plan they’re going to use. If we defeat them in fair combat, if you can call it fair, they are bound by a curse to tell us their plan. Today we try to do it. Will you help?” he asked. “Of course!” Zig exclaimed. It was a long, exciting battle I won’t even try to describe here, but I will tell you that the good guys won, with a fair amount of head-butting! What? Of course I can’t tell you their now-foiled plan! That’s a secret!
            • Mysterious Entry

              penguin313about 11 years
              Thud! The figure of a dark man fell to the floor. The figure of a young woman wearing white gloves stood over him. The women then exclaimed: “Yes! We’ve got him! Bring the bag.” An assistant came in, wearing white gloves also, brought a humongous bag and put the man inside. Then they bolted out of the building and got in a dark truck that said: Midnight Sun Spa. As they drove away laughing, a girl and boy headed into the building. “Hello?” the boy exclaimed when found it was empty. “He must have been kidnapped.” the girl whispered. “I hope not” replied the boy. Just as they started to leave, they saw a girl from school associated with the kidnappers.
              • Mysterious Entry

                plizado10about 11 years
                Lights Out This is a secret for your ears only! Please, I beg of you don’t tell anyone. Promise? I warn you this is scary so if you get angry, don’t take it out on me. I’m serious no throwing or kicking books at me. Remember I warned you. One stormy evening Amanda, Stacy, Andrew, Seth, and Glimmer were playing Clue. “Ha, I won again” boasted Seth just as a boom of thunder rippled throughout the house. “Ahhhhhh,” suddenly the lights went out. Glimmer is scared of the dark so she screamed. Stacy and Amanda went to go get some candles and flashlights. “Click” the flashlights turned on. You could hear the scratch of the matches just before the candles ignited. Glimmer said she was going to get some soda and snacks to eat and drink. Moments after she left the room we heard bang, crash, slam, and shatter. Then the most terrifying sound you have ever heard came out of what must have been Glimmer’s mouth. The group burst open the doors to the kitchen. There were muddy footprints leading to the turquois ribbon that Glimmer had in her hair that day. “Ok… this is so crazy. She can’t be gone” said Seth in disbelief. “Lets measure the foot prints” suggested Andrew. “Hey guys look over here, there is a note.” We all crowded around Stacy as she read “Oh hello, you scared little children. If you want Glimmer back you’ll have to follow the clues.” Stacy added “it’s signed J.F.” I am so sorry reader but I must leave you here. I need you to follow the clues and search for Glimmer. When you find her, please contact me at (xxx) xxx – xxxx. Glimmers faith is in your hands now. Good luck reader.
                • Mysterious Entry

                  kookykayabout 11 years
                  There once was a girl named Bethany who lived in Bermuda Square. She was a normal in some ways, but at home not at all. She could fly! Her parents despised it though. They always told her “ If you fly anymore we will ship you to Paris!” or “ You’re grounded”. But one day she ran for the hills. She wanted to be free. “Well hello,” she said to a little chick on the ground. She carefully picked it up, flew to the nearest nest she could find, and gently placed it in the nest. Her parents never wondered where she had went they just said, ”It’s a good thing that Girl is gone!”. One summer day in Bermuda Square, Bethany was wandering around and then she saw it! It was a little girl about to fall off the roof of the house. Bethany ran so fast she thought she was going to faint! She flew into the air and caught the little girl, but, it didn’t end there! The ladder the girl had been climbing on was about to fall on them! She closed her eyes, and then nothing happened. She looked up and saw that a weird force field surrounded her! The crowd that had watched her cheered with delight and the mother of the child ran up to Bethany and thanked her a gazillion times. Bethany’s parents came and were disgusted, but, Bethany didn’t care! Later that night in the hills of Bermuda Bethany thought about those mysterious powers she had attained. Mysteries where unfolding before her eyes, and one day the world might know her name.
                  • Mysterious Entry

                    secret321about 11 years
                    I have a secret that no one in the whole world knows.And no one can know,not even my best friend.Can I trust you? Good. Now, it started with a man.His name was Chr- should I tell you?Okay, his name was Christopher,and he was an as sly as a fox villian.He has been in jail five times, and he just keeps going back to the same scams.Everyone has tried to catch him,even me!He holds a desire to know my secret, and he is dreadfully close to finding out.I left on December 18th for my escape. I headed for Canada, which was 100,000 miles away from him I was positive he wouldn't find me. Wrong. he found out where I was a week later from a old farmer that I had passed by. I would know who he was though when he arrived because of his boots.He never took them off ,they were bright red. Even though I knew what he wanted, and what he looked like ,I couldn't do it.I wasn't giving him what he wanted.I was NOT going down. He was. I ran as fast as the wind and escaped. So I made it, but so did he, and i', sure I will have another encounter with him in the future.That's my story,DON'T share it.
                    • Strange Entry

                      korkyabout 11 years
                      Once upon a time there was a little girl and her name was Sara. One day sara was walking down a very windy road. Then a black van drove by and stope next to her and he got out of the car with a gun and said get in the back or i will shoot. So she jumped in the back. Once he started driving again she saw her dead moms face on the ground of the car. She screamed so loud that her haed fell off. Then the guy got out of the car and went to the back. When he saw her head and body seperated he was so scared he wet his pants and starting crying for his mommy he saw the dead moms face and shot himself in the head. Every year this happens. I hope it dosent happen to you.
                      • Mysterious Entry

                        bookish5about 11 years
                        Katie cautiously reached for the wooden sides of the mysterious, battered box that she had found in her attic. It’s hard, structured edges made it seem protective, as if intended only to be opened carefully by the right person. Wondering if indeed she was the right person, Katie fumbled with the rusted metal key that had also been found in her attic, grabbed the padlock protecting the box, and after slipping the key inside- heard a small, feeble click. In a different place, at a different time, a girl was thinking about the box in Katie’s attic as she slowly locked its contents away. It had taken her days to complete what would be hidden inside the wooden box, and with a subtle smile she knew her work was finally finished. Resting a soft hand atop the lid, she snapped her dulled padlock into place, and softly set the small key to unlock it aside. The box was ready, and yet the girl didn’t quite know if indeed she was. With thunderous beats coming from her chest, Katie, with wide eyes, regained the strength to reach for the box, and soon found herself pushing open the wooden lid. Inside was something she never expected- yet somehow knew would be there all along. She gasped in disbelief, for with one glance of the things she had found she felt a sudden, confused excitement. Staring up at her from the box was a bulging stack of hand-written letters, all mysteriously dated years ahead from Katie’s current time; as if from the future. Along with the letters was a picture of Katie that she’d never seen before, yet undoubtedly somehow showed her face. But what truly shocked Katie was that all of the letters were signed, with a cursive script, in her name.
                        • Mysterious Entry

                          jenntimefliesabout 11 years
                          My hand glides down the smooth, rain-covered railing. My eyes travel along with it, noticing the worn-down spots on the silver railing made by people before me. My ears take in all the sounds around me, creating new yet familiar noises as I descend down the gray steps. My nose smells the wet, damp rain from yesterday's storm, mixed with the usual scents of the train station. I sit at one of the cool stone benches, watching the sea of people bustling about. Everyone always seems to have a place to go to, always seeming to forget the world is for us to admire, not for us to pass on by like we're strangers. We're not. We all know what we're doing to this earth of ours. Yet...we're hardly noticing all the drastic changes; never coming out of our deep slumber. I slowly come out of my daydream, calmly walking out of the train station. Re-tracing my steps, I look ahead. The corners of my mouth fold up ever-so-slightly, forming a faint smile. I have a secret that nobody may ever hear again for a long, long time. Today is the day that I shall never forget. The day someone finally came out of their deep sleep. The meek yet proud voice of a young girl rang out from the rest. My heart soared. I have a secret that nobody may ever hear again for a long, long time. For one thing, I know the future will be safe in the hands of the future generation. "Why are there fewer trees since the last time I saw them?"
                          • Strange Entry

                            written_danceabout 11 years
                            The girl. She had a secret. The girl had a secret. There, I said it. But I can’t tell you any more. This girl’s secret was dark, sugary and carbonated. The fate of the universe might even depend on it! But you don’t know, because I won’t tell you. Okay, I am really bad at secrets, so I will. She had the formula to a certain, very popular beverage. And if she let anyone know her identity, and know that she had this formula, she would be terminated. TERMINATED I TELL YOU! And the problem is, she had accidentally let it slip. She was running for her life. No, not running, hopping. This girl had a brain problem. She couldn’t walk like you or me. (Where she had previously lived, no one ever taught her where how to walk, partly because they couldn't see her). Oh yes! I am sorry to say she is invisible. And the strange people chasing her had created super glasses that could see everything invisible! And, I happen to be chasing her. I am wearing these super glasses. But another problem is that I can see everything invisible as well as visible! She is a skilled master with camouflage. And I must run. I must find this formula. And the fate of the world depends on this secret, because, if I gain this formula, I will become the emperor of the UNIVERSE! Even the aliens will adore me, after I use this formula! I must find this girl! She can hop, but she can’t hide! 40 YEARS LATER She got away….She passed on the secret…..My children’s children shall continue my search.....
                            • Strange Entry

                              chlomoyeahabout 11 years
                              Chuck was on the couch one day, dying of boredom and watching a random TV show when there was a knock on the front door. Chuck's mom jumped when she saw a man holding a microphone who had cameras behind him. "Chuck Donut," he said, "You have entered the Amazing Kids Sweepstakes, and you have just won 10 MILLION DOLLARS!" When they shut the door. Chuck's mother was going ballistic, but Chuck was confused. He couldn't remember entering the contest. He decided no one needed to know, though. "EVERYONE GET DOWN HERE!" Chuck's mother was screaming to the family upstairs. She then said, "Chuck, you really should have told me you were entering this thing, but who cares right now?" She hugged him. All night, Chuck was bragging and acting like he was the King of the World. His little sister asked if she could borrow his video game, and he said, "Are you a MILLIONAIRE?" When she shook her head, he pointed to the door rudely. He was like that until he went to bed. The next morning, when Chuck got up he opened his door to go downstairs, but when he turned the black knob, he did not see his hallway. Instead, there was a misty room, Suddenly, the floor diappeared, and so did the door, which left Chuck floating in midair. A giant chicken then approached Chuck and said, "Chuck, you have been a rude liar." Chuck found the thing's deep voice terrifying. "Return the money, and apologize to your family. If you don't, I will take it away..." Chuck was all of a sudden in his bed screaming his head off. He walked downstairs and automatically did what the chicken said, even though it had been a dream. Who NEEDED a million dollars anyway?
                              • Strange Entry

                                batmuppetabout 11 years
                                It was a pretty nice day for Zack until the bus ride home from school on Friday. He didn't flunk his math test like he thought he would, the food in the cafeteria was edible for once, and he only got ONE bloody nose from the bully. When he sat down on his seat he felt something squishy. He stood up and looked at what he had sat on. "Oh great," he thought, "Mom yells at me enough when I don't eat my peanut butter and jelly whats she gonna say when she finds out I SAT on one". After he finished wiping off his pants, he started talking to his only friend, George. He and George talked about how gross it would be if someone mixed together prune juice and melted marshmallow fluff. Zack thought about what would happen if he tried drinking that. "Would I get food poisoning" he thought "or would I just barf and vomit for the rest of the night"? When he got home he knew he HAD to try it. He knew there was prune juice in the fridge and marshmallow fluff in the cupboard. He got the prune juice and marshmallow and started to mix them. Then he drank it. "Gross!" he thought "This is worse than cafeteria food!. He was right about both things, though. He got food poisoning AND barfed and vomited for the rest of the night. On Monday he and George talked again. Zack pondered telling George that he tried the marshmallow and prune juice."You know I tried prune juice and marshmallow fluff." George said. "And?" Zack replied. "I barfed"George said, "I tried it too," Zack said, "I barfed all night long".
                                • Strange Entry

                                  ksn2001about 11 years
                                  Tally Diddlewin was the most normal girl you could meet. She got good grades, had loyal friends, and could beat the fastest of sixth grade boys in any race. But nobody's perfect. Everyone has a flaw. And Tally's flaw was quite unusual. It's more a fear than a flaw. Not a fear of clowns. Not a fear of the dark. Not even a fear of peanut butter sandwiches. Tally secretly feared pants. Yes, pants. They completely terrified her. But pants were the furthest thing from Tally’s mind as Mrs. Zotter made a very important announcement. "Tomorrow is our annual school field day" she exclaimed. The class roared. Everyone loved field day. Well, almost everyone. "No skirts or dresses permitted" Mrs. Zotter declared. "Only pants are allowed." Tally's eyes widened and a lump filled her throat. "Now" Mrs. Zotter continued. "Any questions?" The class was silent. Everyone knew field day would be a blast. Well, everyone except Tally Diddlewin. Tally stared at her bedroom wall. "Can you believe it?" her best friend Lucy exclaimed. "I can't believe I got picked as our class representative! It's a dream come true, right Tally?" Tally sighed. "Yeah, I guess so." Lucy raised her eyebrow. "Tally, what's wrong?" she asked. A tear ran down Tally's cheek. "I can't do it, Lucy" she mumbled. "Can't do what?!" Lucy yelled. "Wear pants!" Tally blurted. There was a moment of silence. Calmly, Lucy opened Tally's dresser. After some rummaging, she pulled out a pair of blue sweat pants. "I don't want to know why" she said. "Just try them on." Tally stood up. It was time. She slipped on the pants. A second went by, and she had the urge to rip them off. But she couldn't. Her body filled with fear. "Lucy" she croaked. "They're stuck!"
                                  • Mysterious Entry

                                    laurengabout 11 years
                                    Once the their was a place called Wally World and it was strange like people standing on one foot, and drinking juice from your nose. But their was this one person who did this and it was the on and evil Marnarck. He put a poison on everyone in town. No one know where he keeps his magic wand so they can save the people. He had a true and wonderful cousin who knew where it was. He got an army together and went off to search. One they reached his evil tower he saw the wand hidden in the bushes. He grabbed it and went back to town. He casted the spell and saved all of the people in Wally Word.
                                    • Funny Entry

                                      apollo123about 11 years
                                      The Friend by Agent J ​"The evil marshmallow knocked on my door- ​ "That's great, Mr. Raymond," I said, picking up the pace to avoid my senile neighbor, "but I gotta go to school now." ​"Don't let them fool you! The Marshmallow Plague is near!" ​"Don't sit so close to the microwave!" I yelled, running to the bus stop just in time. When I started to walk down the aisle, everyone filled up their seats (except, of course, Sam Malek, who enjoyed showcasing his dissected mosquito collection). ​Quickly, I sat down next to a boy named Jake who was late in this endeavor. ​ ​Jake glared. "Thanks a lot," he growled. ​"Don't mention it," I said dryly. He rolled his eyes. ​​I sighed and spent the rest of the ride in silence. ​​I just couldn't understand it. I was a nice, humorous person. Why didn't anyone like me? ​​The bus pulled up in front of the brick middle school. I was still brooding as I got my books from my locker and went to first period for a ​monotonous lesson on something or other. ​​The rest of the day passed as such, until after lunch. I was walking out of the cafeteria when I heard angry voices down the hall. ​I tiptoed quietly around, where I saw a small girl-Jane, I think her name was-as two older boys pawed through her wallet. ​Rage coursed through me. I charged toward the boys, but Jane got there first, unleashing some wicked judo moves. The boys staggered off into the hallway. ​She turned to face me. ​"I'm Evelyn," I said. ​Jane smiled. I finally felt that feeling everyone gets when you find a friend. Even if that friend was someone who could probably send James Bond crying to Mommy.
                                      • Mysterious Entry

                                        emijazz824about 11 years
                                        I sat down in a chair across from a woman who had on a magnificent gown of red satin. I waited in eerie silence until she laid down cards in a semicircle. When I asked her about them, she whispered, "The fortuneteller's tomb." I sat up in my bed and gasped, "It's only a dream." I opened my jewelry box and took out a folded piece of yellowing paper. On it there was a detailed map of New York City with a clearly marked route from where I lived in Tribeca to a place 2 miles away. I slipped on a jacket and crept out the door, knowing my father slept like a log at night. I didn't need to worry about my mom. She had left when I was born, leaving my dad with a jewelry box that was meant for only her child to open. When I finally opened it, I found a map with the words fortuneteller's tomb scrawled in the corner. The map led me to a locked gate. I pressed my hand against it and it glowed red. Suddenly the ground opened underneath my feet and I screamed as I plummeted into darkness. I crashed into the ground and staggered to my feet. Magnificent jewels surrounded me. I gasped as I noticed a golden casket several feet away. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I shrieked and turned around. A woman smiled and held out her arms. I realized why she looked familiar, she looked like me. "Mom?" "It is only my ghost, now it is time for you to collect my gift." "What?" Suddenly she grabbed my wrist. I closed my eyes. I understood the gift she gave me. I am no longer just the fortuneteller's daughter, now I am the fortuneteller.
                                        • abby717
                                          abby717about 11 years
                                          I decided to go take a walk. So I walked around until coming to a great big forest. I walked right into the forest without stopping to think. The forest was dark, and creepy. I didn’t like it at all! Suddenly, I heard a great BANG! and then I ran as fast as I could, out of the forest, and back home. While running, I decided never to tell anyone about my little stroll in the forest. It would be my secret. When I got home, Mom was cooking dinner. I walked upstairs, and glanced in the mirror. I was a mess. I decided to take a quick shower before dinner. After dinner, I went to bed, wondering what the BANG! was. That night, the nightmares came. The first one was horrible, yet it wasn’t the worst. The first night I dreamed that I was walking around in a forest, and heard 3 BANGS! They were louder and even worse than the first one! I woke up, drenched in sweat. But still, I didn’t tell anyone. It was still my secret. The second night the dreams were worse. Thousands of bangs. Over and over again. But still, I told no one. I don’t even want to describe the third night. Millions of bangs, horrible monsters that I don’t want to describe, I was still screaming when I woke up. I wouldn’t tell anyone. I couldn’t tell anyone. The next night, I ran away. Into the forest. I had known it, I would have to go back. I was in the forest. Then suddenly, I was back in bed. A voice in my head whispered to me, “We are going to remove your memory of the bangs. You won’t remember them.” And then, suddenly, I fell asleep, not remembering a thing.
                                          • Mysterious Entry

                                            supermeabout 11 years
                                            "Don't tell my secret," Jack whispered. "I won't," I replied. "Cross your heart and hope to die. Stick a needle through your eye. Well, don't do that actually." "OK." "This is the secret......." The next morning I heard the sound of sirens and screaming. The whole day the town was buzzing with the same news. Someone was dead, but not yet dead. Of course I know who was dead. You're probably wondering who it is, but I can't tell you that. All I'm saying is that it's a girl. I drifted around town for a couple hours listening to peoples' conversations. But of course no one noticed me. "is she really dead," I heard a woman ask a man who's probably her husband. "Yes. Poor girl. The police haven't found the body yet, but they did find a note from the murderer," the man replied. It seemed as if every soul in town was talking about the dead girl. I sat on a chair in the corner of my room, which was in my parents' attic. They didn't even know I lived there. I had a book open. I wasn't reading. I was thinking of Jack,who was dead. Supposedly. "Knock knock!" Someone was knocking on my window. I could see a dark figure on a tree branch. I wasn't surprised to see Jack. Oops, didn't mean to say that. But now that I have, I'll have to tell you the truth. Jack is a girl. Her real name is Jackie. I call her Jack. Jackie is the dead girl. She's not actually dead. She's a journalist and wanted to see the towns reaction to her "death." (That was her secret.) So now you know everything. Almost.
                                            • Strange Entry

                                              mdragonabout 11 years
                                              Let me tell you the strangest story the world has ever known. Once there lived an unusual child named Fandon. When Fandon was 10, he found an egg with interesting inscriptions on it. 5 years later… A shadow soared through the sky, dipping and swooping. A teenager rode on its back, yelling over the wind whipping around. “I hope we have a soft landing!” he yelled. Then Fandon mumbled ”Probably not, you’re such a terrible flyer.”Dragtail, the dragon, growled “TAKE THAT BACK!” Fandon yelped” Okay. I’m sorry.”Dragtail didn’t reply. Suddenly, Fandon yelled “Crash landing!” Dragtail balanced, making a strange noise. He landed lightly, leaping joyfully. Fandon congratulated Dragtail for landing on all 4 claws without crashing! But then he noticed feathers sticking out of the ground. “What’s that?” he asked. Then he made the mistake of grasping it. The arrow suddenly shot upwards, twisting in midair. Behind it was an incredibly thick chain! Suddenly, it swooped down, wrapping around them. A crevice opened up in the earth underneath the friends. They fell through, Dragtail trying to fly, but his wings were useless. WHEN THEY FINALLY LANDED, DRAGTAIL HAD FALLEN ON FANDON HEAVILY. DRAGTAIL SAT UP GROANING AND LOOKED AROUND. THEY WERE IN A RUN-DOWN DUNGEON SURROUNDED BY FRAIL-LOOKING WALLS. FANDON EXCLAIMED “I BET I CAN PUNCH THESE WALLS AND COLLAPSE THEM!” He punched the wall hard, then staggered backwards. Fandon’s hand was bleeding. Then Dragtail tried. He roared and charged the wall with his head lowered. When he made contact, he collapsed, but this time it worked. Spindly cracks appeared all over the rock and the wall caved in. The pair ascended on staircases in the connected room and headed back home. Little did they know that it was only the beginning of what was to come.
                                              • Mysterious Entry

                                                xxpishabout 11 years
                                                My name is John Rioling and I am eleven years old. It was just a normal day when I discovered the secret. I had just come home from a near-perfect day at school when I found out. “Hey Mom! I’m back from school!” I shouted as I walked through the door. “How was your day, honey?” a voice replied, that sounded like my Mom’s. “It was awesome!” I said, putting down my backpack. “I aced two tests today!” “That’s great, honey.” my Mom replied sounding less enthusiastic than I did. Also, when did she start calling me honey? It’s definitely a new thing. As I was taking my homework out of my backpack, I noticed something on the bar-wall that I did not know my Mom had. A dagger. I went over and inspected it. It had a black handle with stones inset into it, and a half-foot blade that looked like it had been used recently. No Mom in their right mind would have that lying around in their kid’s sight. Maybe in their left mind, but it wasn’t a time for jokes. My spine started to shiver at the sight of the dagger, so I went upstairs to find my Mom to clarify something. I went over and gave her a hug as I looked at her face. Where was the scar that she had on her cheek? My body froze as the truth flooded over me. I pulled away from her grasp. “Where is my mother?” I demanded. She had not expected that and she stuttered. “Tell me!” I yelled. “Your Mom-let’s just put it this way-was momnapped.” she said with a half-smile. The scream that escaped my mouth was piercing. Then, an excruciatingly painful blow knocked me out.
                                                • Strange Entry

                                                  celesteblueabout 11 years
                                                  Please don't tell anyone about this otherwise the the government will want to perform tests on us. If this journal endes up in the human world and this book ends up in the hands of the Evil the book whisks the Evil into Destinis Wizardry Academy and when they arrive they'll want to know where is the Great Book of Spells.In the Great Book of Spells there is the take over the world spell and they'll obvious want to use it to take over the world.Everyone's memory ,except the teachers',is taken away and put in jars and are returned when the students graduate. I lost my journal when Adrien Gregs yelled my name,Jovi (the only thing we know about ourselves),and threw it at the window. I saw it land on the delivery truck and accidently whiskes the truck and me into the human world. The truck kept moving and I was thrown of the roof. The sign in front of me said "Welcome to New York City". The truck was nowhere to be found. However the driver had dropped his pocket book and it said he was going to Italy. "To Italy" I said. In a flash I was in Italy.I was very surprised that the bus was already there. The driver told me he had left my journal at a lost and found in new York City. I used the take me where you are spell to finally reach my journal. I took my journal from the lost and found and went back to the Academy. "The Evil didn't catch my diary what good luck " I thought.
                                                  • Mysterious Entry

                                                    celesteblueabout 11 years
                                                    Please don't tell anyone about. I'm risking enough by telling you this true tale. Just writing in this journal is dangerous. If I lose this and this journal enters the human world the Evil could find the Academy and take over the world. If any non-living thing enters the Academy the item will gain a tinge of magic and if it enters the human world after it entered here it could whisk the Evil into Destinis Wizardry Academy. The Academy has the Great Book of Spells which has the take over the world spell. If the Evil enters hte Academy it will try to use the take over the world spell to obviously take over the world. The Academy takes away our memories and they put them in jars and return the memory to their owner once they graduate. We still know how to do the basic stuff such as walking. Our wizard existence must be kept secret or the government will find out and send scientists to examine us. My journal was lost when Adriene Gregs ,they give us false names, said to me, " hey Jovi watch this ".With a mean smile she threw my journal at the window. I gaped and the teacher didn't notice at all when she threw it. "Such bad luck" I thought. After class I asked my friend Megs if she had seen it land. She said it had landed on the delivery truck that had been enchanted and was alive but it did not look like it. She said that it was in the human world by now. I better take it back here before th Evil gets it. I immediately used the take me where you are spell and the journal was back at the Academy in less than one second.
                                                    • Strange Entry

                                                      asteriaabout 11 years
                                                      Sable woke up to her alarm going off. "Urgh.. be quiet!" she said as she fumbled around in the darkness, trying to turn it off. The ringing ceased as she threw the alarm against her wall. "Is everything okay?" Sable's mother called from downstairs. "Yeah!" Sable replied. She put on her shirt and jeans and hustled down the stairs. Sable jumped the last three stairs and hit the ground running. As she ran past the table, papers swirled down to the ground like leaves in the autumn breeze. She skidded to a halt, and pulled out a stool from under the table. Sable turned around, only to see her mother scowling at her. "Sable, we've talked about this already. No running in the house. Pick up those papers." Hastily, she picked up the papers, set them on the table, and walked back into the kitchen, only to find her mother making pancakes. "Mom, what are you doing?" she asked. "Because they're your favorite." her mother retorted. "No, mom, I'm allergic to gluten. Don't you remember?" Sable found this odd. "Really, since when?" Needless to say, Sable didn't eat breakfast. She donned her favorite green boots... wait, her boots weren't green, they were black! She put them on anyway, and they fit pretty well. She opened her book bag, and found it empty, even though she had had tons of homework last night. The bus was there. The oven went off just as Sable's mother yelled, "Cookies are done!" Wait... that didn't sound like the oven. It was her alarm! Sable opened her eyes. The bus wasn't there. It had all been a dream. "Sable, what do you want for breakfast?" Anything mom, anything BUT pancakes!"
                                                      • Mysterious Entry

                                                        birder13about 11 years
                                                        The cafe was empty for the most part, until I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. An old woman was sitting at a lone table, with her hands folded in her lap. She had bright white hair, almost translucent, but her emerald-green eyes were still full of youth. She looked sad, as if she didn’t want to be by herself. I smiled and slid into a seat across from her. “Hi. What’s your name? Can I sit here with you?” I say, smiling comfortingly. She smiles. “Thanks. It’s not everyday I get a friendly visitor who’s kind enough.” As she looked up, she gasped and put a hand over her heart. “Your eyes!” she exclaimed. “Oh, yeah. They’ve always been like that.” They always have. Everyone notices my eyes. Always. It embarrasses me, how people react to them. It makes me feel weird, kind of like I’m special, but not in a good way. “They’re beautiful! You MUST wear colored contacts.” I shook my head. “Wait! What’s your name? I’m Rose Wintergrove,” I mention. “Oh....I can’t tell you...” Her eyes looked at me fiercely. “Your eyes have shown me that you are the one I was destined to meet. Now that you have, you may not speak of this.” “I will return to you in time. While I’m gone, this is forbidden to anyone but you and me....” That night, I looked in the mirror studying my features. My hair was an auburn color. That’s normal. The only startling feature are my eyes. Black lashes outlining each eye. My left eye dark violet with sky-blue flecks and my right eye a bright mint color. I wondered, what will become of me? Because now..... I had a secret. I just didn’t know what it was yet.
                                                        • Mysterious Entry

                                                          superabout 11 years
                                                          As Lucille Laney bounded around the corner, her red curls bounced upon her shoulders. She was on a mission. Lucille worked for Noissim, a secret services company. She was an amazing agent fit for the startling mission bestowed upon her. Professor Lavesk was up to no good. It was believed by Noissim that Lavesk was trying to take over Noissim and encourage all the criminals of the world to strike at once and rule forever. Thunder rumbled in the distance, and Lucille shuddered as she approached the large gate. The name on the small mailbox off towards the side of the gate was Lavesk. Lucille pushed open the gate just enough to slip through. The gate creaked and groaned a little as Lucille slipped through. She tip-toed up to the door of the large mansion and rang the doorbell. As soon as she had rung the doorbell she jumped off to the side and hid behind a bush positioned perfectly at the right of the front door. Lavesk opened the door and looked around before slamming the door only seconds after he had opened it. To Lucille’s advantage, the door bounced back open. Lucille snuck into the mansion and crept swiftly along the walls. She approached a door and stopped suddenly when she heard banging. She spun around and walked back towards the door. She whipped out her phone and called Noissim. In just five minutes Lucille was accompanied by five other agents. Together they knocked down the door. Lavesk looked up, shocked, then all five of the agents jumped on the professor and pinned him against the ground. “We’ve got yah.” Lucille stated. They hoisted him up and slapped on a pair of handcuffs. Before he knew it Lavesk was in the slammer.
                                                          • birder13
                                                            birder13about 11 years
                                                            The cafe was empty for the most part. Until I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. An old woman was sitting at a lone table, with her hands folded in her lap. She had bright white hair, almost translucent, but her emerald-green eyes were still full of youth. She looked sad, as if she didn't want to be by herself. I smiled and slid into a seat across from her. “Hi. What’s your name? Can I sit here with you?” I say, smiling comfortingly. She smiles. “Thanks. It’s not everyday I get a friendly visitor who’s kind enough.” As she looked up, she gasped and put a hand over her heart. “Your eyes!” she exclaimed. “Oh, yeah. They've always been like that.” And they have. Everyone notices my eyes. Always. It embarrasses me, how people react to them. It makes me feel weird, kind of like I’m special. But not in a good way. “They’re beautiful! You MUST wear colored contacts.” I shook my head. “Wait! What’s your name? I’m Rose Wintergrove.” “Oh....I can’t tell you...” Her eyes looked at me fiercely. “Your eyes have shown me that you are the one I was destined to meet. Now that you have, you may not speak of this.” “I will return to you in time. While I’m gone, this subject forbidden to anyone but you and me....” That night, I looked in the mirror studying my features. My hair was an auburn color. That’s normal. The only startling feature are my eyes. Black lashes outlining each eye. My left eye dark violet with sky-blue flecks and my right eye was a bright mint color. I wondered, 'what will become of me?' Because now..... I had a secret.
                                                            • abby717
                                                              abby717about 11 years
                                                              I don’t know exactly how it happened, all the details and everything. I just know it happened. I’m Tara. I was walking around, heading home, and something light, and small, hit me on the head. It bounced off my head and fell to the pavement. I leaned down, and to my surprise, saw that it was a small piece of paper all rolled up. I grabbed it and opened it up. I began to read, excitement bubbling up inside me. “ Tara, today everything will change. You must be prepared to tell no one. “ I stared at the paper. I was in shock. Total shock. I was amazed, scared, and a million other feelings. I ran home, suddenly afraid of finding terrible things, horrible images flitted through my mind. I reached home. Everything was fine. My mom had seen my worried expression, though. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “Nothing. Everything’s is OK, perfectly fine. I’m fine. I sprinted up the stairs and into my bedroom. I looked around and suddenly tired. I laid down on my bed. When I fell asleep, I dreamed I was in a forest. An odd forest, for sure. Purple mist that stayed close to the ground wandered around, and I swear I could hear it whispering, “Here she is, she’s come, she’s come!” I shivered, and walked on. My dream was so realistic, it was scary. But it was scary in a lot of ways. Suddenly a voice sounded from everywhere. “Tara! You have come! You are the most special child on ΩξΨϡϰ!” “Um,” I said, trying not to sound rude, “What’s, er, how do you say that again?” “ΩξΨϡϰ.” “What’s Que-va-taa-jo-ples?” “This is ΩξΨϡϰ.” “Oh. Can I go home now?” I asked. “No. You can never go home. ΩξΨϡϰ is your new home. Forever.”
                                                              • Funny Entry

                                                                baily1722about 11 years
                                                                "Kathrine get down here now!" mother called out. "Why mother, I'm not clowning around." As she hopped down stairs in her clown suite she had a hard time to look serious while clowning around. "Mother, clowns always smile, so when I go to work should I frown instead of smile?" "Well frown for me." When she frowned her mother screamed as loud as a clown planet in a different solar system could hear it. "NO! You want to be funny. You don't want to scar them for life." mother said loudly. As Kathrine walked out the door she yelled into the house "I love you mother." After work Kathrine found a note on her bed that says "I'm sorry Kathrine but you need to move out because you are 30 years old and you are living in your parents’ house, love mom and dad.” “I can’t believe this.” Then she saw another note on her bed that said, “Clown house. Clown houses for only $300.00. At 8254 Cat Lane Soup Cl. 50269.” “Oh wow! I’m gonna call now.” Five minutes later, Kathrine came into her parents’ room and yelled “I FOUND A PLACE TO LIVE! I FOUND A PLACE TO LIVE!” “That’s nice honey. Where is it?” “Some place in Cat Lane!” The next night she moved out. The neighbors laughed so hard at her that they all wet their pants. Three days passed and none of them had any clean pants except for Kathrine who has 29 pairs . 15 days passed and Kathrine moved back into her parents’ house and they all lived happily ever after, well mostly every one.
                                                                • Mysterious Entry

                                                                  chay16about 11 years
                                                                  It was 7:30 when Katie’s alarm clock went off and she looked up groggily, turned off the obnoxious beeping, got up out of bed, dressed herself, and stomped down the stairs. She sat down just as mother set a plate of waffles on the table. ”Good morning dear. How’d we sleep last night?” mother asked. “Perfectly fine if you don’t count having a scary zombie clown chasing you throughout your dream as a nightmare.” Katie replied sarcastically. “Well no, that wouldn't count necessarily as a good dream. Eat your breakfast.” She said awkwardly. Katie gobbled up her breakfast and went up the stairs to finish getting ready for school. As she was getting ready she found the note her French teacher passed her after she turned in her test on French verbs and nouns. She didn't have the chance to read her note in private yet. Just as she started to unfold the note her mother called up “Katie, Gabby is here to pick you up. Are you ready for school yet?” “Yeah. I’ll be down in a minute.” Katie called down. She rushed down the stairs skipping every other one. She slipped the note into her pants pocket, and slung her backpack over her shoulder and headed out the door with Gabby at her side. “Have a good day at school you two.” Mother called after them. “You too mom.” said Katie. She made sure they were out of ear shot of her mother and in a hushed voice said to Gabby “Okay you know the French teacher Mr. Hendricks, well he gave me this note yesterday and I haven’t read it yet, will you take a peek with me?” she asked. Gabby nodded with anxiety. They unfolded the note read it and stopped dead in their tracks.
                                                                  • Mysterious Entry

                                                                    lollipop8about 11 years
                                                                    Kelley swiveled around, still clutching the letter in her hand. Snow swirled around her in a fiery blizzard, blocking out the sound of the wolf pack The Magician sent after her. Why The Magician was after her, Kelley didn't know, but she did know it had something to do with the letter, and that she had to deliver the letter to her grandmother's house and keep away from the pack of hungry wolves chasing her. As she trudged on through the thick, deep snow, Kelley finally started to look at the cream colored dirt-encrusted envelope in her hand. It looked like a regular letter, except for the fact that it emitted a light, soft glow that seemed to come from inside it; something really peculiar. When the blizzard of snow loosened up, the sound of the wolves howling and grunting drew nearer and Kelley broke into a run. She dodged tall, looming evergreen trees as she entered a forest and, coming to the other side of it, stared at the large, vast wilderness that lay ahead of her. "Where's Gram's house? It has to be somewhere near here," Kelley thought as she kept on jogging through the land. And finally, finally, she reached her grandmother's small log cabin at the end of the land. Kelley stopped to rest before walking to the door, but the yowling coming from behind her told her that the wolves were close. She stepped up a wooden step, and then another, and another, until she reached the front door. Kelley slowly lifted her exhausted hand up and grabbed hold of the brass doorknob on the door. She knocked, and when the door opened, and when a familiar gray-haired head appeared in front of her, Kelley knew that she was home and safe at last.
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