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December 2 - January 1, 2014
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James Patterson's newest book is FUNNY.

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Win prizes for your funniest jokes EVER.  

Write an original joke that is FUNNY using one or more of the key words provided below.  A knock knock joke, a pun, anything that’s FUNNY. The more key words you use, the more points you’ll get!

Key Words: 
Middle School, Cafeteria, Comedy, YouTube, New York, Smile, Bully, Stand-Up, Laugh, Homework, Teachers, Girls, Guys, Class, Gym


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  • Joke Entry (462 points)

    jktrueliesalmost 10 years
    One day I woke up and felt like being funny. My mom drove me to middle school and I went to the cafeteria. I felt like I was in a comedy movie. People started posting me telling jokes on Youtube. Even some people in New York saw me. I bet that if i was there when they saw it, i would have seen them smile. All the girls and guys would laugh when they heard my jokes. The teachers didn't even give me homework. The whole class would laugh, even in gym. Then one day a bully came and he was picking on someone. I ran up to him and told him a joke that made the bully laugh and drop the kid. I was a hero!!! From then on every body called me the standup person!
    • Joke Entry (482 points)

      rainbeauxover 9 years
      Girls and guys in New York can go to Stand-Up Middle School. There, Gym Class has been replaced by Comedy Class. The cafeteria has been replaced by a laugh-eteria. (Some girls thought of that one) The teachers are complete clowns. One of the guy teachers wears a red nose to school every day! Your homework every night is to make three people laugh and five people smile, with a funny or ridiculous pun! Plus there are absolutely no bullies! Anyone caught being a bully has to be videoed wearing a chicken suit and dancing the Macarena. Then the teachers post the video to YouTube! So if you think you're funny, put on a smile and, come on down to New York's own Stand-Up Middle School! Now Enrolling!