Current Events for May 17, 2012Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 10:13 am

Mrs. PalisanoAs the weather warms up many of you are on the beach! What would you do if you saw someone riding this wave?!Surf's up! Way up!Can you find where this giant wave is on a map of the world?Enjoy!Mrs. Jenny

Video Of The Week - Garrett McNamara's Record Breaking Wave Ride

The morning began as one of those rare days when Hawaiian-born Garrett McNamara did not really want to go surf. It ended, being the day when the 44-year old rode a wave that would get immortalize him forever in the Guinness World Records!

Current Events for April 24, 2012Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at 5:35 am

Mrs. PalisanoHello! Do you like to do art? Do you like to ride a bike? Yes?! Then you will love this weeks article and video.Enjoy!Mrs. Jenny

Create Art While Riding Your Bike Or Scooter

If you love riding your bike or scooter and drawing you are going to be thrilled with this new invention, that allows you to do both - Simultaneously! Aptly dubbed Chalktrail, it is the brainchild of Bellingham, WA resident Scott Baumann, whose 'aha' moment came about five years ago, when he was saw his kids and their friends constantly getting off their bikes to create chalk drawings.

Current Events for April 4, 2012Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at 9:02 am

Mrs. PalisanoHello!Enjoy these two new articles and videos! Watch penguins take a dive and then watch a story about a little boy named Cain, who loves Arcades....made of cardboard!Enjoy!Mrs. Jenny

London Zoo Penguins Get Into The Olympic Spirit

It is quite normal for cities to go a little overboard during Olympic years, but London, the host of the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics seems to have to have taken it to a totally new level - By training its 64-strong penguin crew to become expert high divers.

Enterprising Nine-Year Old Builds Gaming Arcade From Cardboard Boxes

Like most kids his age, nine-year old Caine Monroy loves gaming arcades - so much so, that he can rarely pass by one and not play at least a few games. So when the Los Angeles resident was faced with a long summer that entailed hanging out at his father's auto parts shop, he decided to build his own - From recycled cardboard boxes!

Current Events for March 7, 2012Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at 12:54 pm

Mrs. PalisanoHello Kindergarten!There are some great photos and videos in this edition of Kindergarten World News!If you like Oreos, dominos, and/or skateboarding keep reading and looking!Remember to leave me comments!Ms. Jenny

Video Of The Week - Human Mattress Dominos Topple World Record

It seems as though people will do almost anything to get into the Guinness World Records - create gum wrapper chains, host large tea parties, turn themselves into human torches and even, as was recently the case, topple over each other like dominos while lying on mattresses.

America's Iconic Oreo Cookie Turns 100!

Who hasn't enjoyed an Oreo? That delicious sandwich cookie that you either dunk in milk whole or savor by peeling off layer after layer. Well believe it or not, you are not the first to appreciate its amazing taste and nor, were your parents, because this amazing cookie which still remains our favorite snack, is 100 years old today!

A Skateboard That Navigates By Reading Your Mind

Skateboards has come a long way since their humble beginnings in the 1950's when they were nothing but handlebar-less scooters fitted with roller-skate wheels. Over the years, they have become more aerodynamic, been fitted with various kinds of wheels to make them faster and even, attached to electric batteries for more oomph. However, none of the improvements even compare to this latest creation that takes you to your destination - By reading your mind!

Current Events for February 2, 2012Thursday, February 2, 2012 at 5:33 am

Mrs. PalisanoWould you love to send your toys to space? Read about a toy that did!Meet Kanzi, the world's smartest ape! :)Happy reading and watching!Ms. Jenny

Video Of The Week - Lego Man Goes To Space

It seems as though Lego man are popping up everywhere - First there was the giant mysterious one that washed ashore in Florida and now this one that has 'flown' all the way to Space. Fortunately in this case, there is no mystery as to how he got there.

Kanzi, The World's Smartest Ape!

To say that Kanzi, a Bonobo ape that resides at The Great Ape Sanctuary outside Des Moines, Iowa, is smarter than a human toddler, may be understating it. That's because while human babies have to be taught everything, Kanzi has learnt his skills largely, by observing what other humans and apes are doing.

Happy Chinese New Year!Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 9:27 am

Mrs. PalisanoHappy Chinese New Year! Take a trip to a Chinese New Year celebration. If you like fireworks you will love this! :) Happy reading,Ms. Jenny

China Celebrates 'Year Of The Dragon'

Today, millions of Chinese people all over the world will celebrate the first day of the Chinese or Lunar New Year - the longest and most significant of all traditional Chinese Festivals. Also known as the Spring Festival, it is a four thousand year-old tradition that began as a way to mark the end of the dreary winter season and beginning of spring.

KWN 10th EditionFriday, January 6, 2012 at 12:03 pm

Mrs. PalisanoWe had a great first week back to school learning about letters v and w. Now read and watch a foamy winter and look at pictures of a Lego wonderland!We hope you all had a wonderful break!Ms. Jenny

Addis Family Simply Cannot 'Lego' This Christmas Tradition!

Many families have fun traditions during this time of the year. Some decorate the tree together, while others bake cookies. For the Addis family it involves building giant Lego structures, a ritual that began 18 years ago, when their first son Tom was born.

British Coastal Town Turns Into A Foamy Winter Wonderland

Given that it rarely snows in the British seaside town of Cleveleys, you can only imagine how surprised the residents must have been, when they woke up on Wednesday, December 30th to find their small town covered in white - However, the winter wonderland was not caused by snow, but wet soapy foam that had blown in from the ocean.

KWN 9th EditionTuesday, November 29, 2011 at 8:56 am

Mrs. Palisano​Hello! As we are moving into December this week and the weather gets cooler and cooler every day read and watch a video about these Disney Ice Sculptures in Belgium! Do you like marbles? If you do read and/or look at the pictures about an 8 year old boy who started his own marble website! Have fun reading the news! Ms. Jenny

World's Youngest CEO Is Eight-Years Old

Is it our imagination or are kids getting smarter by the minute? First there was 12-year-old tech prodigy, Thomas Suarez. Now, an eight-year old has just rolled himself into the Guinness Book of Records, as the world's youngest founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a successful Internet company!

Video Of The Week - Disneyland Carved In Ice!

For the next 50 days, visitors to the Belgian city of Bruges are in for a real treat. That's because this year the city's Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival features the 'Happiest Place On Earth' - made entirely out of ice! The theme was selected to mark the 20th anniversary of the Disneyland's Paris location.

KWN 8th EditionTuesday, November 22, 2011 at 12:57 pm

Mrs. PalisanoWelcome to a new edition of Kindergarten World News. Check out a yummy corn casserole recipe with Miranda and then watch how to have fun doing the laundry! Happy reading and watching to you all! Ms. Jenny

Why Can't All Laundry Machines Be This Cool?

If you hate doing laundry, you are not the only one - It is boring and a total waste of time. Unless of course you have access to this 'amusement washing machine' built by Lee Wei Chen, a design student at London's Kingston University.

Cooking With Miranda - Corn Casserole

While Turkey takes center stage at the Thanksgiving table, it is the sides that are the real stars. In our house we all contribute to the dinner by making a side each. This year, I am going to make this yummy corn casserole from a recipe passed on to me by my grandmother. I know it will be a success on my dinner table - Hope it is on yours too!

KWN 7th EditionMonday, November 14, 2011 at 10:39 am

Mrs. Palisano​Hello Kindergarten! This week read and watch a news story about some high tech cat ears! Then read and watch a news story about a Lego man! Hope you enjoy! Remember to leave some comments! Thank you! Mrs. Jenny

Fluffy Cat Ears - The Latest Fashion Accessory From Japan

The Japanese are always coming up with cool fashion ideas. First there was the LED teeth, then an air-conditioned jacket and now, this really awesome headband that can read your brainwaves. While it might sound sort of creepy and weird, it actually is quite brilliant.

Mysterious Lego Man Washes Ashore In Florida

On October 25th, Jeff Hindman was walking along Florida's Siesta Key Beach when he saw what appeared to be a rather large marine animal washed ashore. However, when the Sarasota resident got closer, he realized that it was not an animal in distress, but a giant Lego Man!

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