I've landed -- along with my brother, Jonah, and our dog, Prince -- in the fairy tale of The Princess and the Pea! When I can't fall asleep on top of a hundred mattresses, the kingdom decides I must be the princess they're looking for. Talk about royal treatment -- I'm suddenly being waited on hand and foot. Plus, I get unlimited ball gowns, sparkly jewelry, and ice cream.
But can we find a REAL princess to run the kingdom?
Now we have to:
- Hold a princess contest
- Defeat an obnoxious prince
- Escape hungry alligators
- Make it back home
There's no time to snooze -- may the best princess win!
Paperback, 176 pages
Published on April 30, 2019 by Scholastic Inc.
ISBN-10: 1338162918
ISBN-13: 9781338162912
8 Book Reviews
  • techfashion0315
    techfashion031515 days55 stars
    This one was my absolute favorite!
    • girlpower4ever
      girlpower4everabout 1 year55 stars
      Stung and hurt because she wasn't voted as carnival leader, Abby storms back home with cumulonimbus clouds in her thoughts and actions. So it's a mild reprieve when she jumps into the mirror with her brother Jonah and lands in the Princess and the Pea fairytale...kind of. This time, Abby is determined not to mess anything up. But when she's too afraid to sleep atop the hundred mattresses given to her, everyone thinks she couldn't sleep because she sensed the pea under the mattresses, and suddenly Abby's dubbed a princess! After a while, Abby starts warming up to the princess treatment - who can argue when you have people waiting on you hand and foot, after all? - but knows she must find a real princess, someone who is truly good deep inside. And so, the princess games are on! But after venturing to the dark side of the moon and back with these games, and also having to fend off a snooty prince (all in a day's work!), Abby realizes that genuine leadership means stepping aside sometimes. Beautiful, creative, and inherently funny, this wonderful fractured fairy tale by Sarah Mlynowski is not to be missed!
      • bookfan2008
        bookfan2008over 1 year55 stars
        In this book they go into the story of the princess of the pea! When Abby can not fall alseep on all the matresses they think abby is the right princes. And so abby gets royal treatment and so many cool things. But can they find the real princess to rule the kingdom rather than abby ruling it. Wiil they or not UHOH!
        • natcat14
          natcat14over 1 year55 stars
          This is a great book! I love this book series, and this book is no exception. The author Sarah Mlynowski does an awesome job at recreating fairy tales and mixing them up. In this story, she switched around The Princess and the pea. I would recommend this book to all that like fairy tales.
          • royalqueen16th
            royalqueen16thover 1 year55 stars
            Whatever After takes normal fairytales and gives them a twist. After reading this book, I fell in love with it at first sight!
            • ccswishingstar
              ccswishingstarover 2 years33 stars
              Abby, Jonah, and their dog, Prince, are now in the fairy tale of The Princess and the Pea! When Abby can't fall asleep on top of a hundred mattresses, the kingdom mistakens her for the princess they're looking for. Now Abby has to 1) hold a princess contest to find a true princess to lead the kingdom of Bog. 2) Defeat an obnoxious prince. 3) Escape hungry alligators. 4) Make it back home in time.
              • natcat14
                natcat14over 2 years55 stars
                I loved this book! I like how Sarah Mlynowski puts her own twist to classic fairy tails. This one is the princess and the pea
                • zendaya101
                  zendaya101almost 4 years55 stars
                  amazing. Amazing. Amazing! AMAZING!!!!